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Car of the Year Finalist: Volkswagen Polo

Meet the COTY finalists: Volkswagen Polo

$17,990 can buy a lot of car…

IT SPEAKS volumes when you’ve left a $200k Audi with 250kW in the COTY car park and the rest of the judges are wondering why the $17,990 Volkswagen Polo 70 TSI isn’t back yet.

Short answer, because it’s one of the few cars here that feature a manual gearbox, it’s skinny 15-inch tyres screech hilariously around the proving ground’s Basic Durability Course and there’s a refreshing joy in finding a car this cheap so much fun. And other Polos are available.

The “Teutonic trouncing’ of the Suzuki Swift, Citroen C3, Mazda2 and the Skoda Fabia gave pause to manufacturers to consider that there was a good deal more involved in class leadership than perhaps they’d bargained for.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been involved in a more one-sided comparo. “It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the best handling, most polished, most spacious, quickest, most economical and best value car wins this test,” we opined, and it’s exactly these qualities that have propelled the Polo into challenging for pole at this year’s COTY.

It excelled at the proving ground, progressing as many big names fell by the wayside. It seemed to have little in the way of an Achilles heel and murmurs began circulating that the Polo could go all the way. 

By Andy Enright, 30 Jan 2019 COTY