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Car Accident To-Do List

If you drive regularly, there are big chances you’ll be involved in a traffic mishap at some point in your life. Here’s a Car Accident To-Do List if it happens to you. Stop your car in a safe place The first thing to do after an accident is to stop your car somewhere where it’s safe. It’s a criminal offence in Australia to flee the scene of an accident. If it’s dark, use hazard lights to warn other drivers that you’re there. If possible, remove dangerous items from th...
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Australian Prime Minister’s Bulletproof BMW

Prime Ministers BMW
Our Prime Minister is protected by a BMW 7 Series. Trump has ‘The Beast’, Pope Francis has the ‘Popemobile’, and the Australian Prime Minister has this: a 3.6-tonne blast-resistant BMW 7 Series High Security which, if nothing else, is in dire need of its own catchy nickname. How about OzTank? In actual fact, there are nine of these battle-ready 7 Series on our shores, all specially made for Oz in varying degrees of protection capability. We have armoured BMW X5 SUVs, too. Sp...
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Australia’s Road Death Farce

Australia’s road death farce
  Political Ignorance Dominates Australia’s road toll rose to 1300 deaths last year, prompting governments and administrators to blindly push forward with plans for even more draconian emphasis on speeds and fining drivers. Not better training or licencing. In fact, the more-of-the same ‘single policy’ approach is bizarrely prompting governments to claim deaths on our roads can reduce to zero. An investigation Wheels has found a collective blinkered approach to road safety, with spe...
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Your New Car Should Be This Safe

What safety equipment should I expect in my new car in 2018?
Here is what you should have in your next new car The days are long gone when airbags and three-point seat belts were considered high-end safety kit for cars. The technology used to keep motorists safe has evolved rapidly over the past 20 years, which is fantastic news for car buyers, but what features should be non-negotiable and what features are merely icing on the safety cake? In Australia some tech is legislated to be mandatory for passenger cars – such as electronic stabili...
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Driver Training Will Save Lives

Learning to drive properly saves lives
Professional advice states learn skills, shed bad habits, and gain better attitude! Safety first: Murcott’s Driving Excellence chief executive Geoff Thomas says more driver training will help lower crash rates in Australia. DRIVER training can help fleets cut crash rates by more than 30 per cent, but governments are still refusing to incorporate realistic training into the driver licencing process, according to a leading driver training executive. The rel...
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Extend the Life of your Tyres

Tyres and safety
Tyres must be regularly checked. Ignorance of this basic task costs you money - and could easily put you in harms way. Maintenance of your tyres will not only keep you safer but will save you money by helping to save fuel and prolonging the time before you have to shell out for new ones. Here are a few tips for extending the life of tyres: Check tyre condition Like the airline pilot who kicks his aircraft’s tyres, walk around the car ...
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Tips For Teaching a Learner Driver

learner driver
About to introduce someone to the world of driving? These 8 tips should help before you even get out of the driveway They’ve done it! You’ve driven them home from the leaner’s permit test, they’ve passed, and that receipt stapled to a printout now clutched in their sweaty palm is pretty much a reserved ticket to a future of freedom behind the wheel of a car. But the next step is a big one: taking them out onto the road for the first time. Here are our top eight tips to ...
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ANCAP Safety Rating – Old v New Cars

ANCAP safety test
Old cars four times as deadly as new - ANCAP https://youtu.be/azrpgvbOMq4 THE Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has conducted a comparison test between two Toyota Corollas – one new, the other 19 years old – to demonstrate the difference in safety technologies between now and then. The two vehicles were subjected to a frontal offset crash test carried out at 64km/h, with ANCAP chief executive officer James Goodwin stating the test “physically illustrates the benefits of newe...
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Graham … Car-Proof Human Goes Global

Car proof human
https://youtu.be/0r9u7Rn-nm0 TAC pedestrian vulnerability campaign attracts worldwide attention. AUSTRALIA’S Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has launched a confronting road safety awareness campaign that previews how humans may evolve if pedestrian vehicle collisions can not be prevented, but the local stunt has attracted the eyes of the world. Graham – a bizarre sculpture of a specialised person demonstrates the changes that the human body will have to undergo to survive a “low-impact” c...
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Car Recalls – Are They Important?

safety recall notice
 Every year, car manufacturers issue safety recalls for thousands and thousands, and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of cars. And while many car recalls affect only overseas models, increasingly Australian-delivered cars are being caught up. More often than not, the problem the car is being recalled to rectify is safety related and so it’s vital, that if you do receive a recall notice in the letterbox that you follow the instructions contained within the letter and get the issue seen to im...
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