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Digital drivers licence coming to Queensland

Queensland Digital Licence

All Australian States Expected to Follow


  • Queensland drivers to be offered digital licences next year
  • Two-stage trial has been completed on the Fraser Coast, moving to Townsville
  • South Australia and New South Wales have already introduced the system

Queensland is set to be the next Australian state to introduce digital drivers licences, announcing it will be available to residents from 2023.

The Sunshine State follows the lead set by South Australia and New South Wales to implement a non-compulsory digital drivers licence for smartphones after a successful trial on the Fraser Coast in 2020.

Set to be delivered by Thales Australia and New Zealand, the Digital Licence App will be available to all Queensland residents starting next year, seemingly adopting a different approach to that of New South Wales, which utilises the Service NSW app – also housing an individual’s vaccination certificate, vehicle registrations, fines and demerits.

Queensland Digital Drivers Licence Mobile Phone

Queensland’s Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey, said the success and feedback from the Fraser Coast trial showed now is the right time to implement the digital licence.

“Queensland is modernising its approach to licensing, as we progress with the development of a Digital Licence App that will hit Queensland phones next year,” said Bailey.

“The Fraser Coast trial was a resounding success, with users reporting a 94 per cent satisfaction rating during the testing.

“This gives us confidence that we’re on the right track to ensuring the smooth and successful roll out of the Digital Licence App across the state.

“What we’re doing here is creating a modern, innovative solution that adopts international best-practice solutions and has the privacy of data front of mind.”

A second stage of the trial is expected to take place in Townsville this year, with upgrades being applied to the new app.

“The app is being upgraded based on feedback from the Fraser Coast pilot, as well as adding new functionality and options to make sure we are meeting the needs of the people who use it,” said Bailey.

“It’s exciting for Townsville to be the first major town to trial this new technology, covering a larger area and more diverse population than previous testing.

“A new standard for mobile driving licences was published in 2021, and our app will comply with this standard, giving Queenslanders greater freedom and convenient options to use their Digital Licence when travelling.

“We have involved customers and user testing at every phase of the project, from the initial planning and development, through trials and testing, and on to the final roll-out.”

According to the New South Wales Department of Customer Service, over three million drivers in the state had adopted its own digital driver licence by May 2021, representing 53 per cent of all licence holders with an approval rating of just under 95 per cent.