Should I use a car broker?
 Should I Use A Car Broker?       The most common motivator for people or companies seeking a broker is the desire to get a better price. When you bought your last car, it would have been natural for doubts to linger after you took delivery as to whether you really did get a good price. You are probably very good at your career, and that career typically does not include negotiating with highly trained sales staff. Even if negotiation is an aspect of your career you are unlikely to know t...
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Car Buying Service

Happy car buyers
What's in a name? Car Brokers ... Car Buying Service ... Car Buyer's Agent ... Car Buyer's Advocate. We are all of these and more! The most common question we are asked is something like "what do you do?", or "what is the process?", or "how does it work?" A short answer is that we look after every aspect of your car buying exercise, beginning to end. We start by assisting you with vehicle type and model selection (if that would be helpful), new or used, and we do not stop assisting...
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Car Resale Value

coins in convertible - car resale value
Car resale value depreciation is normally the greatest expense during ownership of a motor vehicle. Our research indicates that the cost of depreciation over 3 years for a selection of popular vehicles is 3.5 times the cost of fuel. This is an eye opener to the majority of car owners. Consequently car resale value is a prime focus by us on your behalf. We will assist you to reduce the impact by intelligent vehicle selection, a great price, brand reputation, and other mitigating factors. There ...
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Subaru Forester vs 3 Rival SUVs

Subaru Forester vs 3 Rival SUVs
New model Subaru improves the offering. YOU’RE a prospective medium-SUV buyer, lost, alone and confused in the woods, surrounded by a thicket of lookalike crossover choices. What do you do? Happily, we’re here to help, having already sorted through the good, the bad and the ugly to arrive at the cream of the crop as rivals for Subaru’s new, fifth-gen Forester, with not a dull or dreary drive in sight. The evergreen Subaru Forester has been rooted in the medium-SU...
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New Mercedes-Benz B-Class due Mid-2019

A more spacious B-Class enjoyed by Europeans but slow to be adopted by Australians. WHAT IS IT? A-Class with altitude. Built on the same platform as Mercedes-Benz's new small hatch, the B-Class has the same wheelbase and uses identical core technologies, drivetrains included. While the B-Class's extra height increases roominess and flexibility, its proportions provide a tough challenge for the design department....  WHY WE'RE TESTING IT The inte...
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Mercedes-Benz V6 Ute Review

Mercedes-Benz V6 Ute
L Slovenia serves as our intoduction to Merc’s V6 crew-cab ute. WHAT IS IT? This is the X-Class many people have been waiting for. Mercedes-Benz launched its Navara-based dual-cab ute at the end of 2017, but this V6-powered version, called X350d, is the first to get a proper Mercedes-Benz drivetrain rather than a carry-over four-cylinder engine and gearbox from Nissan. And it’s a radically different vehicle as a result, not only to the Navara but to the four-pot...
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Jaguar I-Pace Electric SUV Review

Jaguar I-Pace Electric SUV
Jaguar steals the electric march on rivals. WHAT IS IT? Jaguar’s first electric car and an all-new, all-electric luxury SUV built on a bespoke platform that places a bank of lithium-ion batteries along its floor. WHY WE’RE TESTING IT The I-Pace has just gone on sale locally and is the first all-electric SUV from a traditional luxury car maker, giving the British brand a big head start on its predominantly German rivals. Built on a ground-up electric arch...
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2019 Mercedes GLE-Class

Mercedes GLE-Class
Merc’s all-new family all-rounder is a technological livewire WHAT IS IT? Here is Mercedes-Benz’s original – G-Class excluded – and best-selling SUV, now in its fourth-generation. What began as the M-Class in 1997 is now laden with more technology than ever before, and set to land in Oz by mid-2019 in a three-tier line-up of all-wheel-drive seven-seaters. WHY WE’RE TESTING IT The outgoing GLE has been struggling to keep its head above water against prem...
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How Does the M340i xDrive Stack Up?

M340i xDrive
Germany's Big Three Barnstormers vs Others Fresh from its unveiling at the Paris Show, BMW’s latest G20-generation M340i looks to reassert Munich’s position as the driver’s choice in its class. In recent years that dominance has waned a little, but with a wider track, a lower centre of gravity, a chassis that’s 50 percent stiffer than before and a trick e-diff, the latest Three looks to be back and firing. We’ve yet to get behind the wheel of the M340i xDrive range toppe...
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2019 MX-5 is Even Better

Even Better MX5
Sweeter engine dominates Mazda MX-5 Upgrade. WHAT IS IT? An update of Mazda’s 4th-generation, COTY-winning sports car, focusing on improving the 2.0-litre engine, adding safety and convenience features, and tweaking a few weak spots. WHY WE’RE DRIVING IT It’s our 2016 COTY winner, and some excellent roads in the Gold Coast hinterland beckoned. Be rude to say no. MAIN RIVALS Toyota 86, Subaru BR-Z, Abarth 124 Spider THE WHEELS REVIEW THE YELLOW ...
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VW Polo GTI vs Clio RS

Polo GTI vs Clio RS
Mini Hot Hatch Comparison THE HOT hatch formula has always been a simple one. Take a diminutive chassis, plonk a relatively large engine under the bonnet, and let the good times roll. In recent years hot hatches have been in a renaissance, growing into brawlers with flared haunches and fire-spitting attitudes. Power has skyrocketed, with some next-gen models rumoured to be 350kW+ all-paw monsters. The physical size, and prices, of the enthusiast main stay have also become bl...
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Audi R8 Continues to Roar

A power injection plus other niceties improve the offering.... WHAT IS IT? Audi’s mid-engined supercar gets a refresh for 2019, but no messing with the basic V10, all-wheel-drive recipe. WHY WE'RE TESTING IT It’s the last gasp of the naturally aspirated V10, and tweaks make it more powerful than ever. Can it retain its daily-driver supercar crown? MAIN RIVALS McLaren 570S, Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-R THE WHEELS REVIEW AUDI has freshened ...
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New Model RAV4 in April

New Rav 4
Not a facelift - this is a new car! WHAT IS IT? The fifth-generation of the world’s best-selling SUV (811,000 in 2017), which is now offered in hybrid form for the first time. This all-new RAV4 adopts Toyota’s TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) engineering philosophy and brings an aggressive, truck-like appearance. It also provides further proof of the rise-and-rise of SUVs, as the RAV4 is now America’s most popular passenger vehicle outside of pick-ups. WHY WE'RE...
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SUV Comparison – Italy v Germany v Sweden

Can the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Tackle BMW and Volvo? “The estate car market will never be quite the same again now that the Range Rover has been introduced. It is, after all, just as much an estate car as anything else…” – LJK Setright, Car, February 1971 WHETHER you like it or not, the SUV is the modern evolution of the wagon. Resist the temptation to aerate this messenger in a hail of bullets and consider that for a moment. Buyers have voted with their wallets and wagons now sit a ...
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Italy vs Germany vs Sweden SUV Comparison

How good is the Alfa when up against BMW and Volvo?
How good is the Alfa when up against BMW and Volvo? “The estate car market will never be quite the same again now that the Range Rover has been introduced. It is, after all, just as much an estate car as anything else…” – LJK Setright, Car, February 1971 WHETHER you like it or not, the SUV is the modern evolution of the wagon. Resist the temptation to aerate this messenger in a hail of bullets and consider that for a moment. Buyers have voted with their wallets and wagons now sit a l...
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We Compare German Coupe Blatburgers

German Coupe comparisons
Is Audi's latest RS5 a concern for BMW and Mercedes? AUDI can’t build a sports car. Everybody knows that. Everyone apart from the engineers who built the revolutionary ur-Quattro, the borderline genius B7 RS4, the disruptive R8 coupe and the astonishing R10 TDI racer – a diesel that dominated at Le Mans even when Ingolstadt voluntarily used the same engines in the 24-hour race as it used in practice and qualifying. So it ought to be obvious that there’s a pool of hugely talented ...
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Car vs Road – Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe

AMG Straight 6 E Class Delight Sea to sky with AMG's superboosted straight-six “Because it's there,” was all the justification George Mallory ever needed to climb Everest. Our aspirations are a good deal more modest than old George's – and we're banking on a more gratifying outcome - but the rationale is much the same. Why would you drive from sea level to Australia's highest coach road? We'd prefer to ask why wouldn't you, especially when that road, from Lakes Entrance on Victoria's Gippsla...
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The Suzuki Jimny Has Returned

Suzuki Jimny is back
Welcome back many will say! Cute but tough, old-school but new, fun but infuriating… at least there’s nothing dull about Suzuki’s reborn icon. WHAT IS IT? The Suzuki Jimny first appeared on the scene in 1970, and became an instant classic with off-road enthusiasts, thanks to its small stature, and giant-killing ability off the beaten track. This all-new generation Jimny hopes to emulate its forefathers, while fostering a new love...
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7 Seat Holden Acadia

Holden Arcadia seven seater
Acadia joins the mix in Australia's 7-seat Marketplace As the popularity of SUVs continues unabated, it is astonishing that, in a century of Australian vehicle manufacturing, Ford’s late and lamented Territory was the only one ever made here. Today, post shut-down, could the gap that the Ford’s demise has left in the Australian psyche, as well as in the seven-seater segment, be plugged by Holden. Enter the Acadia – a formidably fashioned wagon starting at a razor-sharp...
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Kia Stinger twin-turbo V6 for Queensland Police

Qld Police buy Kia Stingers
Holden and Ford high speed vehicles to be replaced by Stingers Queensland Police and Kia Australia have announced that the 2018 Kia Stinger 330 will replace Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon pursuit cars going forward. The 272kW/510Nm twin-turbo V6 sedans will be seen more frequently from now on, with a total of 50 Stinger to join the force between now and December. Assistant commissioner of road policing Mike Keating says factors such as costs and reliability, as well as...
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Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe Review 2019

Mercedes-AMG C43 coupe
The C63's restrained, all-wheel-drive sibling receives a round of tech upgrades to keep it fresh WHAT IS IT? An updated version of AMG’s entry-level C-Class, now with more power from its V6 engine and lots of small, but important, changes inside and out. WHY WE’RE TESTING IT As much as we like the V8 brawn of AMG’s hugely exciting C63, its blinkered thrill-seeking isn’t easy to live with every day. The C43, however, has dialled back the extroversion to a more liveable lev...
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Chevrolet Camaro 2019 – Pricing for Australia

Chevrolet Camaro 2019
The HSV Camaro is more expensive than the Mustang, but it will be a lot more exclusive...... THE Chevrolet Camaro will cost nearly $86K. Yep, that’s a fair bit cheaper than most estimates but let’s not lose sight of the fact that Ford’s latest Mustang GT carries a sticker price that’s $20K more affordable, at a smidge over $66K. You’re going to need to ask yourself if exclusivity and novelty is enough to bridge that gulf. Of course, HSV is bullish about the car’s prospects ...
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We Compare 7-Seat Diesel Medium SUVs

7 seater SUV comparisons
If your tribe is expanding this is the category that could easily fit the bill. THE FUN thing about Wheels Car of the Year is that you line up 22 cars and then 21 of them lose. This, in turn, means that almost all of our readers will disagree with the final choice. Every year in the wash-up from COTY, we learn that we have lost all credibility, are liberal milquetoasts and have our heads lodged in our fundaments. But 2017 was different. We were expecting the usual online shellacki...
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2019 Cheerokee

2019 Jeep Cherokee
Revamped style, bigger boot, and upgraded safety for this genuine off-roader says....look at me now! WHAT IS IT Cherokee is Jeep’s mid-size SUV. It sits above Renegade and Compass and below Grand Cherokee in the American brand’s SUV line-up. This is a refreshed version of the fifth-gen Cherokee that aims to right the styling wrongs of the polarising model launched here in 2014. Otherwise, it retains genuine off-road credibility and a V6 engine, which makes it unique in its class. ...
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Australian Prime Minister’s Bulletproof BMW

Prime Ministers BMW
Our Prime Minister is protected by a BMW 7 Series. Trump has ‘The Beast’, Pope Francis has the ‘Popemobile’, and the Australian Prime Minister has this: a 3.6-tonne blast-resistant BMW 7 Series High Security which, if nothing else, is in dire need of its own catchy nickname. How about OzTank? In actual fact, there are nine of these battle-ready 7 Series on our shores, all specially made for Oz in varying degrees of protection capability. We have armoured BMW X5 SUVs, too. Sp...
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2019 Subaru Forester: Points of Interest

Subaru Forester points of interest
In September first shipments arrived on our shores. 1. Everything has changed But at the same time, it’s stayed the same. Forester now sits on the Subaru Global Platform that first appeared under the current Impreza and XV, and the rest of the car has been overhauled to suit. It’s a big step forward, but Subaru hasn’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Much of what has made the Subaru Forester appealing in the past to a legion of buyers has carried over. It may be all-new, but ...
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2019 Everest Review

 Ranger Raptor’s turbo-diesel and other upgrades have taken Everest up a notch or Two! WHAT IS IT Ford Australia’s largest SUV has become an even more integral part of the portfolio since the demise of the much-loved Territory. Based on Ranger ute underpinnings, the Ford Everest has established a reputation as big and tough, if a little unsophisticated. Ford’s aiming to change that last point. WHY WE'RE TESTING IT With an all-new 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine that will sit above t...
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2019 Toyota Corolla

2019 Corolla Review
2019 Corolla Review Is there anything Toyota haven't changed? WHAT IS IT Toyota's 12th-generation small hatchback WHY ARE WE TESTING IT It's the Corolla! The world's best-selling car is now back and virtually everything about it is different, and it's now in Australia. Testing this car is simply non-negotiable. MAIN RIVALS Hyundai i30, Honda Civic, Volkswagen Golf, Mazda 3, Peugeot 308, Kia Cerato, Subaru Impreza. ...
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Replacement Tyres – Tread Carefully

Replacement Tyres – Tread Carefully
Manufacturer's put much research in to what tyre is the best all round option for your car - within cost limitations. Many will be familiar with the following scenario: It’s been a few years since you bought your car, and your tyre tread is getting worryingly low. Traction in wet weather has become sketchier than is ideal so you know you need a new set of rubber, but you when you open your wallet only a single moth flies out. Maybe two moths if you’re lucky. And so...
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Allegheny Steel & Ford Motor Company

Stainless steel car
In 1935, officials at Allegheny Ludlum Steel Division and the Ford Motor Company collaborated on an experiment that would become a legacy and a tribute to one of the most dynamic metals ever developed.  Allegheny Ludlum, a pioneer producer of stainless steel, proposed the idea of creating a stainless steel car to Ford.  The idea took shape in the form of a 1936 Deluxe Sedan . That car became the centerpiece of a campaign to expose the public to the new metal and its many uses. This is the...
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New Ford Focus on Focus

Ford Focus Hatch
Euro handling and dynamics are excellent in the 4th generation Ford Focus small hatch. WHAT IS IT? The all-new fourth generation of Ford’s small hatch. WHY WE'RE TESTING IT Sales of the current third-gen Focus have trailed off to be a tiny fraction of those of segment leaders the Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3. The international launch in the south of France gave us a good indicator of this car’s chances to redress that when it arrives in Australia in November. MAIN RIVALS Mazd...
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New Mazda CX-8 Asaki vs Skoda Kodiaq Sportline 140TDI

Seven seater comparison
Seven-Seaters Head to Head It takes a solid all-round performance to make it onto the podium at Wheels Car of the Year but that’s exactly what the Skoda Kodiaq did at this year’s competition. It wasn’t quite enough to edge out the overall winner the Volvo XC60, but the Skoda’s combination of excellent practical features, compelling price and rewarding driving dynamics still rate it as one of the most versatile and best value vehicles on the market. Just a year before...
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Kia Sportage Review for 2018

Kia Sportage 2018 review
Intelligent improvements for Kia's midsize SUV. WHAT IS IT? A commercially crucial model for the Korean automaker that it says the upgrade boasts impressively broad appeal. WHY WE’RE TESTING IT With so many new entrants lobbing into the Aussie market since the current-generation Sportage first launched back in 2016, Kia has gifted the Sportage a facelift. Beyond some new body plastics there are also meaningful upgrades to the suspension, driveline and in-cabin fit-out, al...
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