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pelicans in South East Queensland

Together with the regions of Brisbane,Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, South East Queensland provides many other great regions of interest like Ipswich, a proud city with unique attractions such as the Ipswich Railway Museum, boutique shops and open farms like Llama. The V8 race experience at Queensland Raceway in a recreation reserve, is a whole other story. Ipswich is a true family city. 

Up north at Hervey Bay, a beautiful region in it’s own right, is the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, and Lady Elliot Island.

Why a Car Broker?

You know the advantages of an Insurance Broker, Stock Broker, and Mortgage Broker.

We work in a similar way. With upper management experience in the dealer space, we search the market for the best price/value by dealing with Fleet Managers or management in dealerships.

Our buying power is much stronger than a customers’ as our volume is very attractive to dealers. In addition we know all the pitfalls, have hundreds of contacts, and protect the client from nasty surprises.

There is normally an up-front fee charged to the client, and a fee paid by the dealership to the broker.

We check the contract prior to the client signing, to ensure that your getting what you asked for.

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