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The Sunshine Coast is famous for the proliferation of beautiful beaches including Noosa and Coolum as well as golf courses, playing fields, scenic drives, villages, and Australia Zoo nature park.

Then there is the stunning Sunshine Coast hinterland. This idylic  is dotted with lovely little towns and villages, waterfalls, walking trails, funky shops, and accommodation to suit all tastes.

The Sunshine Coast provides enjoyment for residents and visitors alike.

Why a Car Broker?

You know the advantages of an Insurance Broker, Stock Broker, and Mortgage Broker.

We work in a similar way. With upper management experience in the dealer space, we search the market for the best price/value by dealing with Fleet Managers or management in dealerships.

Our buying power is much stronger than a customers’ as our volume is very attractive to dealers. In addition we know all the pitfalls, have hundreds of contacts, and protect the client from nasty surprises.

There is normally an up-front fee charged to the client, and a fee paid by the dealership to the broker.

We check the contract prior to the client signing, to ensure that your getting what you asked for.

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