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New BMW 7 Series Electric

All-Electric i7 showcased BMW  740i and i7 xDrive60 confirmed for Australia end of 2022 UPDATE, April 22: BMW confirms local spec The new 2023 BMW7 Series and i7 will arrive in Australia towards the end of the year, with the brand’s local arm confirming launch variants of each model. Recently revealed as the latest iteration of BMW’s flagship limousine, […]

Automatic car wash – paint damage!

Automatic car wash – paint damage! A convenient option for some, but beware. We’ve all been caught at the crossroads between convenience and quality when it comes to washing a car, and while taking your car through an automatic car wash may seem innocuous every now and then, you’re not only doing your car a […]

Electric Vehicles Fire

Electric Vehicles Fire         THE fire aboard the car carrier Felicity Ace in the Atlantic last week has once more focussed all the stakeholders in the auto shipping industry on the issue of what to do about EVs that spontaneously combust while being transported at sea. The cars on the ship burned with […]

4X4 Comparison Winners – Ute & Wagon

Exhaustive tests to assist with your decision After a lengthy process, plenty of kilometres behind the wheel and intense deliberation, our judges have settled on the two 4X4 Of The Year winners for 2022. MORE 2022 4X4 Of The Year: Introduction MORE 2022 4×4 Of The Year: Final Six MORE 2022 4×4 Of The Year: Testing conditions MORE 2022 4×4 Of […]

Queensland Police want your cameras to catch hoons

A concerted effort by the public will help stop the noise The Queensland Police Service is asking the public to upload photos and videos of dangerous driving as part of an effort to target hoons. A new portal called Policelink has been set up for citizens to share evidence, in what the Queensland Police Service […]

Sports & Performance Cars of the Year

On the face of it there isn’t much to link the Porsche 911 GT3 and Subaru BRZ. Price, power, speed – on all accounts the two are vastly different. However, look a little deeper and some similarities begin to appear. The Porsche is the ultimate evolution of the brand’s ultimate sports car. Honed and refined with decades of development. Over […]

2022 Audi S3 Sportback Improved

Enhancements to performance and practicality have not hurt the value equation. Things we like Amazing engine/transmission/final drive combination Sharp price Practically almost uncompromised Not so much Occasionally lazy transmission Some scratchy cabin plastic HUD is extra Like a spontaneous holiday romance, I’ve spent the six months since I drove the new 2022 Audi S3 in the UK […]

Lexus LX Large SUVs announced for Australia

LX diesel 500d and petrol 600 on the horizon. Snapshot Lexus to sell diesel LX 500d and petrol LX 600 F Sport and Ultra Luxury variants to join the range First arrivals expected in April Pricing has been confirmed for the 2022 Lexus LX 500d and LX 600, with the range now starting at $148,800 […]

E10 – Good for Most Cars – the Misinformation Exposed

E10 is often the cheapest option at petrol stations — and with prices so high, you might be considering making the switch. We asked the experts for their advice Have you ever been told that E10 is a “dodgy” fuel? Most common in New South Wales and Queensland, E10 is regular unleaded petrol blended with between […]

Digital drivers licence coming to Queensland

All Australian States Expected to Follow Snapshot Queensland drivers to be offered digital licences next year Two-stage trial has been completed on the Fraser Coast, moving to Townsville South Australia and New South Wales have already introduced the system Queensland is set to be the next Australian state to introduce digital drivers licences, announcing it […]

Apps to Track Best Fuel Prices

These can be a real money saver….   With petrol hitting the two-dollar mark across the country, people are looking for ways to save their hard-earned bucks at the bowser. Sadly, we can’t all afford an EV, and while we can drive more efficiently, that’s easier said than done on a stinking hot and humid day. This […]

2022 Lexus NX – Medium SUV Range Review

Plug-in hybrid, driver engagement, and fuel economy. 2022 Lexus NX – Medium SUV Range Topping 450h+ Lexus isn’t new to electrification, with hybrids making up about 40 per cent of its Australian business including 56 per cent of UX crossover sales, which now include the UX300e, the brand’s first battery-electric vehicle (BEV). Now the Japanese luxury […]