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How It Works

Car Selection

selecting a car - how it works

The vast choice of new and used cars available in Australia can create confusion, and therefore poor choices. Simply complete the answers in our enquiry/contact page and we will be in contact with you within one business day to discuss alternatives. You may then wish to avail yourself of a test drive at your local dealer.


good better best - car broker

We approach our network of reputable dealers and seek the best quote for your new car (or used car over $15,000) of choice, and to your exact specification, hassle free.


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We offer a highly professional finance broking facility to ensure that you receive the most appropriate finance for your needs through a selection of high profile financiers, and at great rates.


man dialing phone - order a car

We arrange the ordering of the car through the successful bidding dealer. The “paperwork” will normally be carried out electronically between the dealer and yourself.  During this stage we will be ensuring that all the specifications and details are aligned with your order selection.


lady taking car keys

This will normally be conducted at the dealership. A professional hand over includes car familiarisation procedure, warranty explanation, servicing requirements, a hand over drive, and other aspects. This is all set up at the dealership, and is recommended. If this is not possible we can arrange delivery to your home or office.

Follow Up

happy girl - follow up service

We will be in touch with you within a few days of delivery to ensure that all is satisfactory with your new car, and act on your behalf if there are any issues.

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