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I have a trade-in. How do I know if the offer from the dealer is a good one?

We can check the valuation through our network of industry professionals to ensure the changeover price is the lowest possible.  If you wish to attempt a private sale I can also assist you to market your vehicle effectively through wording of the advertisement and photography tips. I will also supply a copy of dos and don’ts. These features form part of our premium service.

How do you make a profit?

We earn a small percentage commission from the dealer. The dealer saves on sales staff commission, advertising etc. They compete strongly for your business on a reduced margin, as it is regarded as an additional sale they normally would not have obtained.

I have previously been caught with an expensive finance contract. Can you help?

Finance is a major factor in most purchases. Dealers often offer what appears to be attractive finance options, but how do you know if that is the best option? There is more to finance packages than just the rate. We’ll ensure that you get the best finance deal. This feature forms part of our premium service.

I am confused by all the choices in the car market. How do I make the right choice?

Makes and models do vary greatly. Do you know if your preference is going to be the optimum choice to match your needs? We take you through a thorough questionnaire to ensure car performance and features match your needs. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that in many cases we can suggest better price and model options that you may not have considered.

Once the sale is complete it can be difficult to resolve any problems. If necessary, can you help?

We are your advocates. We address any after sale issues to ensure that your purchase is hassle free. Your complete satisfaction, before, during, and after the sale is our responsibility. This feature forms part of our premium service.

And watch out for …

Dealer sales staff are professionally trained to retain as much profit as possible, and are paid accordingly.

Solution:   We know what the profit margins are, so we know how far dealers can really go on price. This is a significant advantage. We deal with fleet departments and/or upper management.

Most cars don’t come with all the options that you may want. How do you know if you are getting exactly what you need and at the right price?

Solution:   We can ensure that you get the options that you really need. We will look at the quality price equation. You’ll certainly do better having us to guide this purchase process for you.

There are dealer tricks that can make the price look better such as selling a vehicle that was built in the previous year. This alone can cost you thousands of $$$$$s in resale value.

Solution:   We check the integrity of each transaction, and demand absolute transparency, more than simply the legal requirements.

Sales staff are professionally trained to apply sales pressure. This can be difficult and stressful to handle.

Solution:   We take all that pressure away from you. Sales pressure has no impact on our experienced team.