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Mercedes-Benz 5-year Warranty

Mercedes-Benz makes shock warranty announcement

The three German luxury brands have stubbornly stuck to 3-year warranties – until now.

Every Mercedes-Benz car, van, and ute sold from April 1 will be covered by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The German manufacturer is the first luxury-car brand outside of Tesla to extend its warranty period beyond the industry-standard three years, and now puts it in line with mainstream brands such as Toyota and Mazda.

Every model within Mercedes’ range is included in the five-year/unlimited-kilometre coverage, including the Wheels Car of the Year 2020 winning EQC, and high-powered AMG variants.

Mercedes-Benz’s complimentary roadside-assistance program will also be extended to the same five-year period.

Passenger cars that are being used for commercial applications such as ride-sharing will be covered by a five-year/200,000km warranty.

“With a five-year manufacturer’s warranty across our entire Cars and Vans range supported by our existing Capped Price Servicing and Service Plan portfolio, customers can have increased flexibility and certainty throughout their journey with Mercedes-Benz,” Mercedes-Benz CEO and Managing Director, Horst von Sanden said.

The move to a five-year warranty makes Mercedes-Benz a class leader in the segment, with most luxury car manufacturers retaining a three-year warranty period.

Last year the mainstream segment moved almost universally to a five-year warranty period, while Kia remains the industry leader with a seven-year warranty offered to customers.

Mercedes-Benz makes shock warranty announcement

By Cameron Kirby, 06 Mar 2020 News