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Holden or Chevrolet for Australia?

Holden dealership
Both is the answer HOLDEN won’t become Chevrolet. Holden insists that Chevrolet is an addition to the stable in Australia, not a sign of a name change. Holden showrooms will add Chevrolet-badged Silverado trucks and Camaro sports coupes from next year after the brand’s go-fast division, HSV, last week announced it would convert Chev-badged vehicles from left-hand drive and sell them through Holden’s distribution channels – the same channels it used when it created amped-up versions of th...
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2018 Jeep Trackhawk with 522 KW – OMG!

2018 Jeep Trackhawk
The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk sports a 6.2-litre supercharged Hemi V8-engine - in an SUV! Jeep Australia last night pulled the wraps off what will stand as the third most powerful vehicle sold here, and the most powerful SUV globally. It will burst from 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds, and wind out all the way to a top speed of 289km/h. Oh, and did we mention it would cost just $134,900? That’s at the very low end of media speculation over pricing. “This is seriously good v...
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Which Kia Stinger For You?

Priced From $45,990 The Kia Stinger is a stylish and very well equipped four-door sports sedan with a sleek coupe-like roofline. It comes with a choice of 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo or 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engines, with the latter providing impressive performance. It has a sophisticated and spacious cabin that’s comfortable for long-distance cruising. What might bug me? The scratches on the leather steering wheel caused by y...
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iPhone and Android Smartphone Mirroring

iPhone and Android Smartphone Mirroring
 Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration with new cars is becoming increasingly commonplace, so here’s what you need to know about the emerging tech. Australians love adopting new tech, a fact highlighted by the massively high percentage of smartphone saturation in our nation compared to the rest of the world. Smartphone mirroring is becoming increasingly prevalent in new cars, with the feature becoming a major selling point for many models, including some of the cheap...
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Mazda CX-9 Enhanced

Mazda CX9
Improvements for the Mazda CX-9 bring a price hike. Mazda isn’t resting on its laurels with its award-winning CX-9. Instead the Japanese car maker is introducing tweaks to the CX-9 to further improve handling with the addition of G-Vectoring Control (GVC) as standard across the range, alongside a raft of safety upgrades and measures to reduce NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) levels. Tweaks to the reigning Wheels Car of the Year see its pricing rise by $1400 across the whol...
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Alfa v BMW vs AMG Road Test

QV vs M3 vs C63
QV vs M3 vs C63 .......Interesting! I attempt to hold station with a well-driven Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. The Italian car is all sinew and suppleness, as if gently pressed to the road’s ruts, compressions and decreasing radius corners by a benign celestial hand. The Mercedes-AMG C63 S I’m driving instead adopts a different philosophy, attempting to bludgeon Australia’s impertinent topography into submission through sheer surfeit of Newton metres; hopping, kicking, shunting and w...
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Isuzu D-Max Ups the Offering

Improvements are Significant ISUZU’S facelifted D-Max one-tonne ute range has arrived in Australia with a cleaner, gruntier new engine coupled to six-speed manual or automatic transmissions in place of the old five-speed units. More standard equipment, additional noise and vibration deadening, subtly updated styling and, for the first time, a capped-price servicing offer also come with the update. Behind the restyled bonnet, front bumper, radiator grille and headlights is a heavily revise...
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New Toyota Kluger

New Toyota Kluger model
Some noteworthy improvements for 2017 TELL ME ABOUT THIS CAR Since its launch in Australia three years ago, the third-generation Toyota Kluger has been a big seller in Australia because of its size, packaging, pricing, ease of operation, and brand reputation for reliability and resale. With the MY17 facelift, the company builds on that with small but important updates to the V6 powertrain to improve both performance and economy, including an all-new eight-speed automatic transmission, ...
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Troubleshooting Your Car

Googled questions
  Popular car  questions Googled. We give you the answers. How do I jump start my car? Jump starting a car is pretty simple but there are several precautions you need to take to do it safely.  If possible, get roadside assistance to come and start your car as they’ll have anti-surge equipment that prevents any damage to your car’s electronics. If that’s not possible or convenient, follow these steps to jump start your car and safely get your car going again How do I replace my car key? Ca...
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Should I use a car broker?
 Should I Use A Car Broker?       The most common motivator for people or companies seeking a broker is the desire to get a better price. When you bought your last car, it would have been natural for doubts to linger after you took delivery as to whether you really did get a good price. You are probably very good at your career, and that career typically does not include negotiating with highly trained sales staff. Even if negotiation is an aspect of your career you are unlikely to know t...
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Car Buying Service

Happy car buyers
What's in a name? Car Broker ... Car Buying Service ... Car Buyer's Agent ... Car Buyer's Advocate. We are all of these and more! The most common question we are asked is something like "what do you do?", or "what is the process?", or "how does it work?" A short answer is that we look after every aspect of your car buying exercise, beginning to end. We start by assisting you with vehicle type and model selection (if that would be helpful), new or used, and we do not stop assisting....
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End of Financial Year Deals – EOFY

End of Financial Year Deals   EOFY Deals - Cheat Sheet AUDI No EOFY references, but its quattro sales event is running across the same 1 May – 30 June period. The German brand is offering complimentary on-roads (registration, stamp duty, compulsory third-party insurance), plus 3yrs/45,000km servicing and a five-year warranty across 50 models. BMW BMW’s EOFY Sales Festival is offering savings equivalent to the GST applicable to the car being purchased (though GST is still actual...
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RACQ – Australia’s Best Cars

Auto Clubs Nominate Their Favourites.    Australia's Best Cars - Australia's most comprehensive car awards program, is conducted by seven state auto clubs - NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAASA, RACWA, RACT and the AANT. The 2015 Australia's Best Cars Awards winners have been announced for 15 categories. The awards are conducted by judges from auto clubs around Australia. In addition to the 15 category winners, Australia's Best Cars also selects one winner as the Judges' Choice. This award recogn...
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When a potential buyer is confronted with a last year plate sale it is natural that a little excitement is felt. Buyer Beware When a potential buyer is confronted with last year plate sales it is natural that a little excitement is felt. A possible bargain always grabs the attention, particularly for a big ticket item such as a car. Dealers use this excitement to tempt private buyers into purchasing a vehicle that costs them money in the long term. What we are pursuing for you is a good ...
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How Accurate is that Fuel Economy Sticker?

 How Accurate is that Fuel Economy Sticker on your New Car?   All new passenger cars, four wheel drives and light commercial vehicles, up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass, are required to display this fuel consumption sticker. The label indicates the vehicle’s fuel consumption in litres of fuel per 100 kilometres (L/100km) and its emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) in grams per kilometre (g/km).  The results are based on a standard test procedure so consumers can reliably compare ...
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Car Resale Value

coins in convertible - car resale value
Car resale value depreciation is normally the greatest expense during ownership of a motor vehicle. Our research indicates that the cost of depreciation over 3 years for a selection of popular vehicles is 3.5 times the cost of fuel. This is an eye opener to the majority of car owners. Consequently car resale value is a prime focus by us on your behalf. We will assist you to reduce the impact by intelligent vehicle selection, a great price, brand reputation, and other mitigating factors. There ...
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The Best Car Buying Service

happy car buyers
"Why put yourself through all the hassle of visiting NEW or USED car dealerships and coping with sales pressure? We can do all that for you. We will save you stress, time and ensure you get the best deal possible." We Don't Sell Cars - We Source a Dealer to Buy From - We Negotiate the Lowest Price - Put buyer & seller together - We give you a quote - before you decide to order.  The traditional way of buying a new or used car involved searching dealer sites on the web, atte...
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