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Latest Isuzu D-Max has Upped the game

Latest Isuzu D-Max has Upped the game
We like what Isuzu has done.... At the risk of reading from the Captain Obvious handbook, it’s clear that plenty of 4x4 ute buyers do not work from same priority list as car buyers. If strong fundamentals of the driving experience, and inclusion of the latest multimedia and safety tech were 4x4 prerequisites, then the outgoing Isuzu D-Max would have never achieved the level of sales success it has. No, it’s clear that to regularly nudge the overall top 10 best sellers in the coun...
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2021 Hyundai Palisade vs Toyota Kluger SUV Comparison

Hyundai Palisade vs Toyota Kluger SUV's
Is the Hyundai eight-seater good enough to knock off Toyota's segment hero? Hyundai has drummed up enough reason to wedge in another SUV to its Australian range, with the Palisade eight-seat SUV also representing the brand’s flagship product. Seldom do we see eight-seater SUVs gracing the Australian new car market, marking a distinction between the Palisade and the current seven-seat load-lugger of Hyundai’s line-up, the Santa Fe. It may appear that there’s little difference b...
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Small SUVs from Mercedes-Benz and BMW

Small SUV's from Mercedes and BMW
Mercedes-Benz has made some changes to the GLA and is obviously targeting BMW X1. BMW had a good thing going ten years ago. The introduction of the X1 premium small SUVs was a stroke of genius, offering the high-riding BMW at a more palatable price point and at a time where it wasn't being challenged by other manufacturers. That is until Mercedes-Benz threw its hat into the ring, upsetting BMW’s monopoly in 2013 with its first-ever GLA. While the X1 was a high watermar...
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2020 Audi Q3 40

2020 Audi Q3
Now we have quattro available in the Q3. What do we think? What is it? The second-generation Audi Q3 small SUV launched in Australia early last year, offering a single entry-level, front-wheel-drive variant known as the 35. Now, Audi has upped the ante with a more powerful, all-wheel-drive version of its Goldilocks-sized SUV. Known as the Q3 40 TFSI quattro, it sells for a shade under $54,000, or around $10,000 more than the 35. That’s a pretty big jump in price, but it comes...
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We Compare Small SUVs

Which SUV?
Affordable SUVs abound. Here are our thoughts. Choice means competition and competition is great for the customer, and never more has that rule applied than in the small SUV market. With so many competitors fighting for attention in the dinky high-rider segment, the plethora of brands are forced to be hyper-competitive in terms of features, equipment and price. And that's good news for you. There are more than 15 models vying for your money in the small SUV class, but we’re ...
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Volkswagen T-Roc: yet another small SUV/Wagon?

Volkswagen T-Roc - is this yet another SUV?
  Has this one got points of difference? For a new car, the Volkswagen T-Roc is pretty well seasoned. Perhaps 'new to us' would be a better description, as the T-Roc concept first appeared at the 2014 Geneva Show. It arrived in European dealers in 2017, but has taken another three years to finally make landfall here in Australia. Volkswagen is adopting a toe in the water approach with this car, initially just offering a premium all-wheel drive 140kW version as driven here, but...
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BMW M550i – Top End Performance Sedan

BMW M550i
Sub 4 seconds to a ton should get you interested ........ BMW M550i Let’s face it, while the BMW 530d might be fine for the Victorian and NSW Highway Patrol, if Mad Max was set in today’s world no supercharger would be big enough to lure Max Rockatansky back to The Force to drive a diesel six. But we bet the BMW M550i xDrive might change his mind. Although it’s been around since 2016, BMW has only just recently sorted a right-hand drive version for our market. And BMW Oz ...
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Killer Takata Airbags Not Replaced

air bag recall
Plenty of work remains to rid Australians of this menace! Time is running out for car manufacturers to replace potentially lethal Takata airbags in more than 155,000 outstanding Australian cars. While they’ve made significant progress in the past few months, there are only six months left on the clock for Australian dealerships to finish up. The December 2020 deadline looms large, especially as Victorian car dealerships have been ordered to close due to coronavirus. 155,0...
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Audi RS6 Avant – a Terrific All Rounder

Audi RS6 Avant
    By Tim Robson, 27 Jul 2020 Reviews Is this the car for all seasons, budget aside? The Audi RS6 Avant sits, or more accurately squats in the small Hunter Valley town of Denham, its cartoonishly huge rims already shaded with the efforts of numerous hard stops. Its paint is battle scarred with the internal bits of a thousand insects. Its barely existent tyre sidewalls are caked in that curious ochre of dust and road grime. And yet, I am head over heels in love. My first gl...
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Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA45 S

Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA45 S
The choice between the CLA45 S coupe and the A45 S hatchback is interesting. While the Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA45 S is mechanically very closely related to that of the A45 S hot hatch – hyper hatch if you like – it chases a rather different buyer. One looking purely for the driving experience has an easy choice: the hatch. It’s an action hero and it’s more than up to the task of entertaining. But it’s not exactly a sex symbol. Anyone who considers style an important aspect to a car w...
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Electric Cars Are Too Expensive To Make

Electric Cars are too expensive to make
Dyson spent a billion and gave up.....and Tesla burns billions.....   It sits beneath a dust cover in the back of a hangar in Hullavington, UK. James Dyson’s billion-dollar folly is an SUV with seven seats, sleek styling, some beautiful interior design quirks, a claimed range of 965km and no viable business case. See - Dyson's Electric Car Not Viable “Electric cars are very expensive to make. The battery, battery management, electronics and cooling are much more expens...
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Big Dollar SUV’s in the Mountains

Big Dollar SUV's in the Mountains
Having fun with these high-powered high-riders In ancient Rome, there were certain fabrics so delicate and finely stitched they were called subtilis, literally ‘underwoven’. From that term came the English word ‘subtle’, the notion of qualities understated or concealed. By and large, production cars aren’t long on subtlety. In order for a complex product to communicate its appeal, it is often the case that a certain heavy-handedness is required to hammer home the sell. Take high-per...
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Audi S6 – Tourer with Grunt

Audi S6
Here we go - a muscular Audi and the open road.... There’s no lairy wing at the back nor are the guards pumped to accommodate aggressively wide wheels and tyres, but then again Audi’s S-badged models have traditionally concealed their muscle so well you could argue the badge should stand for ‘Sleeper’ rather than ‘Sport’. So that’s how it is for the all-new fifth-generation S6 that again sets up a game of ‘spot-the-difference’ between it and the more junior A6 55TFSI, which ask...
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Get Your Car Ready for Baby

Get your car ready for baby
These suggestions should help you to prepare your car. There’s no shortage of things to consider when you start a new family. You’ve got to stock up on clothes and nappies, decorate the nursery, childproof the house, find a paediatrician, check out child care centres and join a parents’ group. Phew! But what about the car? Here’s a simple guide to getting your car ready for when your tiny bundle of joy arrives. Car seat selection One of the most important decisions you can make...
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Mazda 3 Astina

Mazda 3 Astina
In recent years Mazda has consistently been at the top of Australian buyer’s minds in the small car segment, but the latest generation Mazda 3 has had other ideas. Instead of targeting hard-won buyers of the previous generation - as it's done so successfully with the CX-5 - Mazda has taken the new 3 into a more premium space with a commensurate rise in price. WhichCar has picked up a range-topping Mazda 3 G25 Astina to sample the new range over the longer term and on initial im...
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Compact SUV’s – Best of the Best

Compact SUV's comparisons
Compact SUV's Put To The Test Good design is thorough down to the last detail. Nothing must be arbitrary or left to chance. Care and accuracy in the design process show respect towards the user.” You may know this as one of Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of good design. Rams, one of the 20th Century’s great thinkers on industrial design, formulated these tenets in the 1980s but they’re as valuable today as they ever were, all underpinned by one central commandment: “Weniger,...
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Prevent Car Theft

Stop the thieves
Cars are stolen in Australia at an alarming rate. Let's make it more difficult for the thieves...... According to the latest figures from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, Australian car thefts increased by 9.0 percent in 2019, with more than 58,000 vehicles stolen nationwide. A majority of the thefts - nearly 30 percent - were reported in Victoria, Queensland has the unenviable title of second with nearly a quarter of the national figure, while New South Wales repr...
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Electric Car Not Viable

Dyson stops electric car plans
James Dyson cancels his electric car program James Dyson had a dream of producing an electric car - and if anyone could do it, it would be genius Englishman who reinvented the vacuum industry. It wasn't too be, however, with the billionaire pulling the pin late in 2019. Here he talks about the Battery Electric Car and what went wrong. "In 1983, early in the development of my cyclonic technology which separates particulate from an air stream, I visited a spinout company from the...
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2020 Audi S7 First Australian Drive

Audi S7 2020
Four-door sedans and coupes are being outsold by SUVs. The joy of driving though, on the main, still resides mainly in sedans and coupes. The world has gone mad for the SUV and that’s a crying shame, because it puts luscious machines like the 2020 Audi S7 under more pressure than they need to be. I mean… just look at it! Sharp yet subtle, stern yet sensuous… the S7 is a blend of sensible and sass that puts the boxy dimensions of a typical SUV – even the sporty ones – in sharp contras...
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Escape up North

Escape to Northern Territory
Time for an adventure in the Top End. AS THE colder months take hold in the southern states of Australia, a lot of us are thinking of escaping to the warmer climes of the north. At this stage, 2020 probably isn’t going to be a year for travel, but as you’re shivering in your Uggies this winter, start making plans to ensure some respite in the years ahead. The Top End of the Northern Territory is a destination on the bucket list of most, if not all 4x4 travellers. Not only does it offe...
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Volkswagen V8 Touareg

Twin-turbo diesel monster!
Twin-turbo diesel power from Bentley Bentayga for VW's premium Touareg Volkswagen has revealed a halo version of its already high-achieving Touareg large SUV that packs a mighty 900Nm twin-turbo V8 punch and can beat a Golf GTI in a drag race. Dubbed the V8 TDI R-Line, the latest addition to the Touareg line-up will appear in Australian showrooms in the fourth quarter of 2020, adding a flagship variant above the existing V6 diesel-only range. Key to the new Touareg’s p...
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AMG E53 Up to Mount Hotham

What a great way to spend a day...... “Because it's there,” was all the justification George Mallory ever needed to climb Everest. Our aspirations are a good deal more modest than old George's – and we're banking on a more gratifying outcome - but the rationale is much the same. Why would you drive from sea level to Australia's highest coach road? We'd prefer to ask why wouldn't you, especially when that road, from Lakes Entrance on Victoria's Gippsland Coast to the alpine resort of...
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Is the Dual Cab Bubble needing to Burst?

Is the Dual Cab bubble needing to Burst?
Australia’s love of the dual-cab ute is a concern. It’s not so much an elephant in the room as dinosaurs in the driveway. Anywhere you look, our roads are choking with dual-cab utes. Always popular, they now dominate, to the point where the best- and second-best sellers wear Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger badges. Celebrated and lately even feted, they’ve become ingrained in our national psyche, in much the same way Holden and Ford utes (and for a brief period during the 1970s, p...
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Porsche Cayman GT4 Review

Porsche’s Cayman GT4
How Porsche’s Cayman GT4 shot for the moon but missed Perfection may well have to wait for the sharpest scalpel in Porsche’s portfolio Overall Rating Plus & Minus Plus - Stunning chassis; gutsy powerplant; aggro styling; capable on both road and track Minus - Hideous gear ratios; so-so acoustics; starting to feel a little dated inside; expensive The Wheels Verdict: The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 isn’t without some fairly fundamental caveats, but the majo...
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The Very Popular Pub in the Paddock – Tasmania

Pub in the paddock
Definitely worthy of a visit when in Tassy. NESTLED in the quiet rural village of Pyengana, around two hours’ drive from Launceston or just one hour from St Helens, the Pub in the Paddock is a great place to wash away the dust (or mud) after a day’s four-wheel driving in some of Tassie’s most spectacular country. The Pub in the Paddock has been licenced since 1880, and today it’s managed by the friendly and entertaining Rowena and Scott Codyre. On the day we showed up at the fron...
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Isusu D-MAX & MU-X I-Venture in Tasmania

adventure in Tasmania
           A terrific challenge - Tasmania's brutal Climies Track. As 13 vehicles rolled to the beginning of Climies Track on an icy cold summer’s day in Tasmania, adrenalin was high yet scepticism lingered. Were we really expected to overcome a highly technically 20km track with a convoy of D-MAXs and MU-Xs, three of which were unmodified and wearing 18-inch wheels? “Hell, why not? Let's give it a crack,” seemed to be the overwhelming consensus from the group, despite relentless ...
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Wagons Are Back

These prestige offerings from Europe are more than a match for equivalent SUVs. Wagons are back. What if you wanted to break free from the new norm and go back to something more traditional? Yes, of course, we’re talking about the mass migration to SUVs that seems to know no limits. However, a wagon will do just about everything the modern SUV is tasked with, the only downfall being a lack of raised ride height and very few drivers need that. So we’ve got the new Volvo V60 and the B...
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New Mazda CX-5

New Mazda CX 5 for 2020
More safety, tech, and comfort for this benchmark mid-size SUV. Mazda has updated its popular CX-5 mid-size SUV for 2020, bringing new safety technology, quieter components and new off-road capability, while slightly bumping the price up across the board. A core model for Mazda, and a favourite for Australians too, thankfully the CX-5 has scored a bunch of new kit to offset the extra outlay of money you'll have to spend at dealerships. Familiar model grades are retai...
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SUV 7 Seaters – Which One for You?

Best 7 seater review
The Santa Fe now has a V6, a 2-edged sword. The Mazda CX-9 is a favourite in the Wheels office. It wouldn’t be a Car of the Year winner if it wasn’t. However, the latest generation Santa Fe presents as strong competition – and now it’s endowed with 206kW of V6 power to take on the benchmark. So, which is best? EQUIPMENT AND VALUE At $51,000, the Elite designation renders this Santa Fe V6 variant the middle-ground, value-for-money proposition within the range. Still, it’s d...
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Ford Ranger is Top Dog for 4×4 Sales

Ford is top dog for 4x4 sales
Ford, Toyota, and Mitsubishi remain 4x4 sales charts leaders. The Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Triton once again occupy the three top spots in 4x4 sales according to the latest VFACTS report for February 2020. The Ford Ranger grabbed a whopping 25.7 per cent of the 4x4 ute segment in February, ahead of the Toyota Hilux with 23 per cent, leaving the others to fight for the other half of the segment. In year to date terms, Ford ha...
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