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New Mazda CX-9 People Mover Large SUV

Mazda CX-9 luxury people mover
Luxury Plus in this segment of the market...... Mazda’s premium brand crusade seems relentless. A steady upward trajectory in quality, product diversity and refinement took a dramatic up-ramp with the introduction of the BP-generation Mazda 3, putting the company’s small hatchback at the top of the class and its rivals on notice. Ironic that one of the Japanese company’s most affordable models should be the one that elevated Mazda into new premium territory, but the limelight is turning to...
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2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - when is it coming?
Mercedes-Benz C-Class will be unveiled in Australia, but when? The next-generation 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class will reportedly make its debut sooner than anticipated, with the German carmaker expected to whip the covers off later this month. The new model has surfaced in camouflage a number of times in recent months, and the speculative rendering above – produced for Russian website Kolesa – offers a glimpse of how its final styling could lo...
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Mercedes-AMG GLS 63

Has the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 too much power?
Is this much power in a very large SUV over the top? There are some cars that are alarmingly fast. The McLaren 720S is one; for very different reasons, the Volkswagen Amarok 580 is another. You can now add the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 to that list, for this new mega SUV is absurd. It also provides Australia’s first exposure to AMG’s new mild-hybrid V8. Need to Know: New 450kW mild-hybrid V8 Seven-seat functionality Incredible levels of techn...
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Vehicle Emission Taxes In France – Could Something Similar Come Here?

Are there more taxes coming?
       Could Australia adopt France’s crippling tax on performance cars? France has announced that its already severe emissions based taxation system will be revised for 2021, with duties more than doubling in certain cases. The result is that combustion-engined hot hatches could prove to be financial non-starters. The country that spawned greats like the Peugeot 205 GTI and the Renault Clio 182 has seen increases result in a new Megane RS costing its first owner as much as ...
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Semiconductor Shortage Creates Havoc

semiconductor shortages
Chip supply is impacting deliveries. Specifically, the world’s chipset manufacturers that ordinarily provide car factories with electronic components are allocating more production to consumer electronics like the popular Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, personal computers and 5G smartphones. Cruelly, this switch to consumer electronics by chipset manufacturers is a direct reaction to the coronavirus-driven car-manufacturing slump in 2020. In ...
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New LR Defender P400

tested on a real camping trip
A real-world camping trip test in the High Country with the New LR Defender P400 We've driven the new Land Rover Defender a few times – a full test review from Fraser Stronach in December 2020, and our initial pre-vehicle launch drive from Africa back in March 2020 – but we wanted to see how the latest Land Rover fares on your typical long weekend away in the bush with some mates. That opportunity presented itself when our booking o...
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Mazda CX-9 vs Kia Sorento: Seven-seater SUV comparison

Mazda CX-9 vs Kia Sorento
We judge two of the best. There are plenty of things in this life on which you can’t put a price, but space is not one of them. Virgin Galactic reckons it can help you join the 62-mile-high club for $250,000, while back here on earth, we’re calling it 20 grand, give or take, for the regular kind of space. That’s the rough difference between what Mazda charges for its top-spec all-wheel-drive five-seater Mazda CX-5 and its bigger brother you s...
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Ranger Tops 4×4 Sales Chart

Ford Ranger biggest sales in 2020
           THE Ford Ranger was the best-selling 4x4 in Australia in 2020, while Toyota remains number 1 overall. In what was a tough year for the new car market – down 13.7 per cent on 2019 – the ageing Ranger ute bucked the trend, selling more units than it did the year before (37,889 units compared to 37,004 in 2019). The total 4x4 PU/CC (pick-up/cab-chassis) market was down 9.5 per cent in 2020, but it was one of the strongest segments in new car sales. The Ranger’s bigges...
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Road Trips for Driving Enjoyment

drive for pleasure
Cabin fever is prominent.....go for a great drive..... We get it. You’ve played so much Gran Turismo that wisps of smoke are starting to bloom from the back of the PlayStation. All of your model cars have been built, and destroyed, then built again. And you’ve spent so much time working your way through the ‘greatest car movies of all time’ list that you now know Bullitt is a truly terrible film (car chase aside, of course). The metaphorical walls are closing, though mercifully...
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The Gloves are Off – Isuzu D-MAX vs Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The Gloves are Off - Isuzu D-MAX vs Ford Ranger Wildtrak
 We welcome the new D-MAX let's see how it compares. ISUZU Ute Australia calls its new-generation D-MAX a ‘third generation’ model, but that undersells its heritage. It may be the third generation Isuzu ute sold in Australia since the brand launched here in 2008, but it’s the latest in a long line of Isuzu utes that stretch back more like six generations and all the way to 1972. In Australia, the earlier Isuzu utes were sold f...
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New BMW 4 Series Coupe Impresses

BMW 4 Series Coupe
The 4 series displays a distinct character compared to the 3 series. Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars Plus & Minus Plus -  Body control and dynamics; steering, ride comfort, standard tech, bold styling Minus -  Mild engine notes, polarising front grille WHAT IS THE BMW 4 SERIES COUPE The second generation of the BMW 3 Series’ athletic two-door sibling. WHY WE’RE TESTING IT The new 4 Series Coupe has distanced itself from the 3 Series with an ambitiously bold new ...
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New Honda CR-V

New Honda CR-V is worth a look
A facelift more than anything but the New Honda CR-V is worth a visit What is the Honda CR-V? Honda’s CR-V mid-sized SUV was introduced in 1997 and the current fifth-generation model arrived in 2017. With consistent improvements and shifting consumer demand, the CR-V has established itself as Australia’s favourite Honda. And after four years of consistent sales in its current generation, the Japanese manufacturer has given the CR-V a light update that leaves the major mechanicals unc...
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Tesla Supercharging Costs More

Tesla costs more to power
Tesla's "less than the cost of petrol" statement debunked. Tesla Supercharging Costs More Than Petrol Refuelling Teslas are now more expensive to recharge than it is to fuel an equivalent petrol-powered car – at least if you’re using the Tesla Supercharger network. A recent price increase to use the fast-charging Tesla Superchargers and incorrect fuel figures on the Tesla website mean claims that recharging using a Supercharger is “less than the cost of petrol” are incorrect. ...
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Forester & RAV4 Hybrids compared

Forester & RAV4 Hybrids compared
The established Forester head to head compared to the RAV4, both in hybrid form. Equipment and value The $39,990 Forester Hybrid L is the cheaper of this pair of hybrid offerings (S is $45,990). Subaru’s EyeSight safety tech is standard and includes items like AEB and radar-based systems (also in the RAV4). The Forester also gets facial recognition, which monitors alertness and can set a seating position. Servicing is every 12 months/12,500km, while it’s covered by a five-year/unlimi...
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S.A. May Tax Electric Vehicles

SA and NSW may tax electric vehicles
South Australia and New South Wales are considering a rego-style electric vehicle distance charge. Only last week, the South Australian government was enjoying some backslapping for its commitments to EV infrastructure expansion and fleet purchase, but a week later it has revealed plans to sting electric vehicle owners with a registration-style road tax. If approved, the new ongoing charge will offset the loss of fuel excise revenue that will not be gathered by the government f...
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New Kia Sorento People Mover

Kia Sorento new people mover
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars Pros & Cons Pro: Features; smooth and potent diesel; warranty; auto braking. Con: Thirst of petrol V6. The Pick: 2021 KIA Sorento Sport+ 5D SUV What stands out? The fourth-generation Kia Sorento seven-seat SUV is the most advanced Kia model to date and, like its predecessor, is beautifully finished inside, generously equipped, and enjoyable to drive. The op...
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Our Three Best Small SUV’s

Our three best small SUV's
We’re in search of greatness. Good design is thorough down to the last detail. Nothing must be arbitrary or left to chance. Care and accuracy in the design process show respect towards the user.” You may know this as one of Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of good design. Rams, one of the 20th Century’s great thinkers on industrial design, formulated these tenets in the 1980s but they’re as valuable today as they ever were, all underpinned by one central commandment: “Weniger, aber besser...
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Kia Sorento – Analysis

Kia Sorento analysis
What Stands Out? The fourth-generation Kia Sorento seven-seat SUV is the most advance Kia model to date and, like its predecessor, is beautifully finished inside, generously equipped, and enjoyable to drive. The optional diesel engine is refined and powerful, and a suite of active safety features and Kia’s seven-year warranty bring peace of mind. Pros & Cons Pro - Smooth and potent diesel; warranty; auto braking. Con - Thirst of petrol V6. The Pick: 2021 KIA ...
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Kia SUV’s – Your Choice

Choices from Kia's SUV's
Kia SUV's might only appear to be a three-pronged assault at the moment, but we still field a number of questions from readers wondering which Kia SUV is the best fit for them. The line-up is only going to grow larger as well, with the Kia Stonic compact SUV joining the range later this year and Kia’s on-again, off-again threat of bringing the Niro cross-over EV to Australia. For the avoidance of doubt, let’s run-through the range, detailing the purposes and feature...
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2020 Kia Cerato – Value

Kia Cerato 2020
Pluses & Minuses Pro - Comfortable; pleasant to drive; auto-braking as standard; great GT version Con - Lacklustre engine in non-GT versions; worse fuel economy than previous model The Pick: 2021 KIA Cerato GT 5D Hatchback What stands out? The Kia Cerato hatch and sedan have stylish cabins, strong infotainment suite, and drive nicely, with all versions featuring some kind of autonomous emergency braking and seven-year warranty. The range is topped by a ...
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Ford Ranger – Which One to Buy?

Which is the best Ford Ranger for you
                                                  Wall to Wall Special Editions.....The Choices are Fantastic. Choosing the right Ford Ranger in 2020 is proving to be quite the challenge. There are more than 30 different variants in the Ford Ranger line-up (talk about a growing family!), each with a different combination of engine, suspension set-up, or body design. However, there are some versions that bring a little extra to the table in the battle for your hard-earned money. Of the 2020 F...
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Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera
Details for Porsche’s new limousine After a little bit of teasing and a Nurburgring lap record claim, the new 2021 Porsche Panamera has finally been revealed in all its limousine glory. With a broad launch model range, the new Panamera builds upon the previous model with extensive updates, upgrades, and facelifts. Porsche has no less than 12 variants of the new Panamera from launch, accounting for different drivetrains and body styles, from the base ‘Panamera’ model thou...
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New LandCruiser Prado

New Land Cruiser Prado
Which model is the best buy? The Toyota LandCruiser Prado is the quintessential go-anywhere 4WD SUV that’s very comfortable as a day-to-day family car, while being built extra tough for long outback trips. It comes with a 2.8-litre four-cylinder diesel engines in five- or seven-seat configurations. Because it’s designed to travel long distances, all but one special version of the Prado is equipped with a big 87-litre fuel tank and a 63-litre auxiliary tank. In showrooms from Oc...
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Dual Cabs Utes in Australia

Dual Cabs in Australia
These days you could be well advised to ignore brand loyalty and you’ll see that some dual-cab utes are worthy of your attention. Despite significant challenges, this year is quickly becoming the best opportunity to buy a brand new car at a cut-rate price we've seen in a long time. If you’re interested in getting the most bang for your hard-earned bucks in the dual-cab 4x4 space, it pays to look past the industry’s top-ranked pairing of Ford’s Ranger and the Toyota HiLux. ...
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Why Use a Car Broker?

Why you should use a car broker
A good car broker should assist you with your car choice decision, and save you money, time, and frustration in the purchase of a new car. Here’s our analysis of the brokering process. A car broker works in the same way as a mortgage broker who looks for the lowest interest rates, though a car broker’s job is to help you buy a car for the best possible price. The car broker acts as the middle man between the car seller and buyer, and the service is often very handy. ...
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The new Kia Sorento is worthy of consideration

The new Kia Sorento
This Korean is on the money Overall Rating Plus & Minus  Plus - Exterior and interior design; comfort; space; equipment; ease of operation; cruising refinement  Minus - Minor diesel engine vibes at idle; petrol engine and lower spec models untested The Wheels Verdict: Nailed it! A hugely persuasive large SUV thanks to the ease and completeness with which it fulfils its intended function. More than that, though, new Sorento imparts a feel-good factor thank...
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2020 Toyota HiLux SR5 – Review

Toyota HiLux SR5 review
Has Toyota done enough? What is the Toyota HiLux SR5? The Toyota HiLux is, by some odd twists of fate, one of Australia’s best-selling vehicles, despite the fact that it’s far from the perfect family vehicle. Built tough to endure mine sites and construction jobs, the HiLux’s most popular variant is the 4x4 dual-cab ute. Formerly residing firmly at the top of the heap, the four-door, five-seat HiLux is now kept honest by the likes of the Ford Ranger, with upstarts like the Mit...
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Tesla Driver Collides With Police Car While Watching Movie on Autopilot

Facebook Twitter Google Plus Mail This is the second time in the space of a month that a Tesla driver has crashed while using the Autopilot autonomous driving feature
Twice in a month that a Tesla driver has crashed while using the Autopilot autonomous driving feature. It seems like there’s no end to the number of drivers taking Tesla’s Autopilot at its word, with two drivers crashing in the space of a month in the US while using the semi-autonomous driving software. The most recent crash involved a driver watching a movie while driving, who subsequently drove straight into a highway patrol car that was stationary on the side of a North Carolina...
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Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender - code-named L663
How does the new Defender compare to the legend? If there’s a gene that predisposes a person to like the original Land Rover Defender, I’m afraid I don’t have it. I appreciate that people are sentimental about these things, but really, the previous Defender was – and still is – the worst car I’d ever reviewed on a public road. The third-generation Defender – code-named L663 – thankfully comes from different stock, and is tasked with the hardest job of all; placating the cynical f...
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Mercedes-Benz GLA Much Improved

Mercedes-Benz GLA has improved
The formula is much enhanced by the 3-pointed star. The original GLA copped a bad rap. Roundly panned by the press, it was criticised for the simple fact it wasn’t very convincing. It lacked room and ability, plus it couldn’t shake the perception that it was merely an A-Class in stilettos. Of course, none of this really mattered. It still sold remarkably well, though now we have a second-generation GLA. And Mercedes has moved to address the original’s shortcomings with more space, smar...
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