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States Taxing Electric Vehicles

States may tax EV's
Victoria, South Australia and, it appears NSW, plan to introduce a type of road usage tax for EVs. Need to Know: EVs to be charged 2.5c/km PHEVs will be charged 2.0c/km Critics argue it is too soon to tax EVs Federal Liberal MP calls to scrap EV taxes UPDATE: March 17 2021 - The Victorian Government is pushing ahead with its contentious EV tax, announcing it is tabling legislation into Parliament to introduce the new charging framework. As announced in the 20...
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Porsche Taycan 4S

Porsche Taycan 4S
The much anticipated Porsche EV graces our shores. If you were taking bets on which manufacturer would not just dip a toe but dive headfirst into the world of electric vehicles then you would have got long odds with Porsche, but here we are with the first Australian drive of the Porsche Taycan 4S. It provides the first real competition to Tesla in the zero-emissions luxury performance market, claiming to offer rocketship acceleration, equally brisk charging times, a long battery ra...
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Semiconductor Shortage Crippling Car Supply

Chip makers favouring phone manufacturers
Chip makers favouring computer and smart phone manufacturers.   UPDATE 02/03/21: While many car manufacturers are struggling through a semiconductor chip shortage forcing long production delays, Hyundai has emerged unfazed by the global issue. Sources assert, according to Reuters, that the Hyundai Motor Group (including Kia) kept up its purchasing of semiconductor chips last year, while other manufacturers such as Volkswagen...
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Mazda CX-9 vs Kia Sorento: Seven-seater SUV comparison

Mazda CX-9 vs Kia Sorento
We judge two of the best. There are plenty of things in this life on which you can’t put a price, but space is not one of them. Virgin Galactic reckons it can help you join the 62-mile-high club for $250,000, while back here on earth, we’re calling it 20 grand, give or take, for the regular kind of space. That’s the rough difference between what Mazda charges for its top-spec all-wheel-drive five-seater Mazda CX-5 and its bigger brother you s...
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2020 Kia Cerato – Value

Kia Cerato 2020
Pluses & Minuses Pro - Comfortable; pleasant to drive; auto-braking as standard; great GT version Con - Lacklustre engine in non-GT versions; worse fuel economy than previous model The Pick: 2021 KIA Cerato GT 5D Hatchback What stands out? The Kia Cerato hatch and sedan have stylish cabins, strong infotainment suite, and drive nicely, with all versions featuring some kind of autonomous emergency braking and seven-year warranty. The range is topped by a ...
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Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera
Details for Porsche’s new limousine After a little bit of teasing and a Nurburgring lap record claim, the new 2021 Porsche Panamera has finally been revealed in all its limousine glory. With a broad launch model range, the new Panamera builds upon the previous model with extensive updates, upgrades, and facelifts. Porsche has no less than 12 variants of the new Panamera from launch, accounting for different drivetrains and body styles, from the base ‘Panamera’ model thou...
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Dual Cabs Utes in Australia

Dual Cabs in Australia
These days you could be well advised to ignore brand loyalty and you’ll see that some dual-cab utes are worthy of your attention. Despite significant challenges, this year is quickly becoming the best opportunity to buy a brand new car at a cut-rate price we've seen in a long time. If you’re interested in getting the most bang for your hard-earned bucks in the dual-cab 4x4 space, it pays to look past the industry’s top-ranked pairing of Ford’s Ranger and the Toyota HiLux. ...
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2020 Toyota HiLux SR5 – Review

Toyota HiLux SR5 review
Has Toyota done enough? What is the Toyota HiLux SR5? The Toyota HiLux is, by some odd twists of fate, one of Australia’s best-selling vehicles, despite the fact that it’s far from the perfect family vehicle. Built tough to endure mine sites and construction jobs, the HiLux’s most popular variant is the 4x4 dual-cab ute. Formerly residing firmly at the top of the heap, the four-door, five-seat HiLux is now kept honest by the likes of the Ford Ranger, with upstarts like the Mit...
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Tesla Driver Collides With Police Car While Watching Movie on Autopilot

Facebook Twitter Google Plus Mail This is the second time in the space of a month that a Tesla driver has crashed while using the Autopilot autonomous driving feature
Twice in a month that a Tesla driver has crashed while using the Autopilot autonomous driving feature. It seems like there’s no end to the number of drivers taking Tesla’s Autopilot at its word, with two drivers crashing in the space of a month in the US while using the semi-autonomous driving software. The most recent crash involved a driver watching a movie while driving, who subsequently drove straight into a highway patrol car that was stationary on the side of a North Carolina...
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Electric Cars Are Too Expensive To Make

Electric Cars are too expensive to make
Dyson spent a billion and gave up.....and Tesla burns billions.....   It sits beneath a dust cover in the back of a hangar in Hullavington, UK. James Dyson’s billion-dollar folly is an SUV with seven seats, sleek styling, some beautiful interior design quirks, a claimed range of 965km and no viable business case. See - Dyson's Electric Car Not Viable “Electric cars are very expensive to make. The battery, battery management, electronics and cooling are much more expens...
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Get Your Car Ready for Baby

Get your car ready for baby
These suggestions should help you to prepare your car. There’s no shortage of things to consider when you start a new family. You’ve got to stock up on clothes and nappies, decorate the nursery, childproof the house, find a paediatrician, check out child care centres and join a parents’ group. Phew! But what about the car? Here’s a simple guide to getting your car ready for when your tiny bundle of joy arrives. Car seat selection One of the most important decisions you can make...
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Prevent Car Theft

Stop the thieves
Cars are stolen in Australia at an alarming rate. Let's make it more difficult for the thieves...... According to the latest figures from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, Australian car thefts increased by 9.0 percent in 2019, with more than 58,000 vehicles stolen nationwide. A majority of the thefts - nearly 30 percent - were reported in Victoria, Queensland has the unenviable title of second with nearly a quarter of the national figure, while New South Wales repr...
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Electric Car Not Viable

Dyson stops electric car plans
James Dyson cancels his electric car program James Dyson had a dream of producing an electric car - and if anyone could do it, it would be genius Englishman who reinvented the vacuum industry. It wasn't too be, however, with the billionaire pulling the pin late in 2019. Here he talks about the Battery Electric Car and what went wrong. "In 1983, early in the development of my cyclonic technology which separates particulate from an air stream, I visited a spinout company from the...
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Porsche Cayman GT4 Review

Porsche’s Cayman GT4
How Porsche’s Cayman GT4 shot for the moon but missed Perfection may well have to wait for the sharpest scalpel in Porsche’s portfolio Overall Rating Plus & Minus Plus - Stunning chassis; gutsy powerplant; aggro styling; capable on both road and track Minus - Hideous gear ratios; so-so acoustics; starting to feel a little dated inside; expensive The Wheels Verdict: The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 isn’t without some fairly fundamental caveats, but the majo...
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BMW – and Electric Vehicles

BMW hybrid vehicle
BMW believe Australia's not ready yet..... Plug-in hybrid is the strategy for now. Once seen as something of a halfway house en route to pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid (PHEV) technology is not only ‘right’ for the current market, but in demand with buyers. Speaking with Wheels at BMW Welt in Munich, Dr Heinz Treseler, who forms part of the powertrain team for the X5 PHEV, said that while EVs might be the future, they account for a tiny percentage of overall sales...
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BMW M340i xDrive – What a fine car!

BMW M340i xDrive
The 3 Series 6 cylinder - welcome back - you've been missed... What’s in the garage? We’re rubbish at suspense so, yes, it’s a BMW M340i xDrive. The Wheels garage has moved, albeit temporarily. The roller door we’re sliding up today is located in Gauteng province, South Africa. Or, to be more exact, the Kyalami Grand Prix circuit. This is wholly apt. BMW won its last F1 world title at this very circuit in 1983, Nelson Piquet just pipping Alain Prost to the driver’s crown in his Bra...
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Car Accident To-Do List

If you drive regularly, there are big chances you’ll be involved in a traffic mishap at some point in your life. Here’s a Car Accident To-Do List if it happens to you. Stop your car in a safe place The first thing to do after an accident is to stop your car somewhere where it’s safe. It’s a criminal offence in Australia to flee the scene of an accident. If it’s dark, use hazard lights to warn other drivers that you’re there. If possible, remove dangerous items from th...
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Takata airbag recall 83,000 more Toyotas

Takata airbag recall more Toyotas
Extra Corolla and Yaris models are now in the queue of faulty Takata airbags THE Takata airbag crisis continues to deepen in Australia, with market leader Toyota this month adding another 82,756 Corolla, Yaris and Avensis models to its recall list – close to the number of replacements it was yet to complete at the end of June, according to figures released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Car-makers affected by the Takata scandal are legally required to rep...
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Infiniti on Borrowed Time in Australia

Infiniti is on borrowed time
Late 2020 marks the demise of Nissan’s luxury brand in this country. Infiniti is on borrowed time. Infiniti will no longer sell cars in Australia following a shock announcement released today. The luxury offshoot of Nissan has struggled with sales in recent years, and will wind down its operations before withdrawing from the Australian market completely in late 2020. An official company press release states that withd...
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Electric Cars – Are They Cleaner?

are electric cars cleaner?
Mythbuster - Electric vs Petrol. A report from Austrian electrification specialist AVL says that battery-electric vehicles have to travel at least 128,000km before their tailpipe-free emissions break even with new petrol cars. Speaking to Autoline Network, executive vice president for AVL, Uwe Grebe, said the company had finished a comprehensive study looking at the complete process of building and driving electric and petrol vehicles, measuring environmental impact and emissions...
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Tesla Model 3 – Was it Worth the Wait?

Tesla Model 3 - was it worth it?
Was it what we were waiting for? Overall Rating Plus & Minus  Plus - Powertrain strength and refinement; EV range; Capable of 250kW DC charging; service costs  Minus - Rear seat packaging; austere cabin ambiance; fit and finish; weight in hard driving The Wheels Verdict: The most affordable of Tesla’s now three-model-strong lineup demands you abandon preconceptions of how you interact with a car. The lack of conventional instruments, a purely screen-based use...
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Defender Going “Nicer”

Landrover no longer a farmers vehicle
The new Defender will be more mainstream ... no longer a 'farmers' vehicle Land Rover says that the new Defender will speak to a new audience, though remain a capable four-wheel-drive. Softer new Defender no longer a ‘farmer’s vehicle’ What is Land Rover’s DNA? For many, it’s an automotive helix spun around the farmer’s truck; a four-wheel-drive that was more comfortable in the paddocks than posing down High Street - even though la...
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Secret supercharged V8 Cadillac in Australia

Holden could have a V8 sedan in its line-up once again, with the new CT5-V spotted testing in Victoria Maybe even a V8! This appears to be the first spotting of the upcoming V8-powered Cadillac CT5-V ‘Blackwing’ in Australia, with yet another of the US-brand’s vehicles seen testing around Victoria. MORE Possible Commodore replacement lands in Australia Could the rear-wheel-drive V8 Commodore make a comeback? Cadillac line-...
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A New Bathurst track – Rendering Revealed

new track coming
New renderings offer further insight into the development of an additional Bathurst track Plans to construct a second circuit at the famed Mount Panorama have moved a step closer with the Bathurst Regional Council (BRC) providing another look at the proposed track layout. Fresh images show the anticipated new motorsport facility, located in a valley south-west of McPhillamy Park, which is set to be built on a 200-hectare site containing undulating topography. UK firm Apex ...
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Electric Porsche 911

hybrid 911 only
Lusting after an all-electric 911? Good luck! HERE’S some news sure to please sports car enthusiasts the world over: Porsche has no plans to build an all-electric 911. That might sound a little obvious, given how sacrosanct the 911’s iconic recipe is, but nothing is a ‘sure thing’ in this modern, electrified age. Audi, for example, has confirmed the next TT and R8 will both be fully electric. And Jaguar is rumoured to be going full EV with the next F-Type. Plus, Porsche is somethin...
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Drug and Alcohol Detectors in Australian Cars

Drug and Alcohol detectors coming to new cars
Reducing the road toll is top priority. Australia is encouraging the introduction of passive drug and alcohol detectors that will likely become compulsory safety devices fitted to every new car sold. Wheels previously broke the news that speed limiters are on the agenda to be introduced as mandatory safety systems - like electronic stability control is now - in Australian new cars by 2025, and alcohol and drug analysers are likely part of the new guidelines. As with ...
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Loud Exhausts Targeted

Loud exhausts are being targeted
Exhaust bandits in the sights of the UK Government The British Department of Transport is set to initiate a seven-month trial of ‘noise cameras’ aimed at curbing the decibel levels of vehicles and motorbikes on the road. Essentially a crackdown on modified cars and ‘hoon’ behaviour, the laws are said to be an attempt by the transport department to deal with excessive noise that “makes lives of people in communities across Britain an absol...
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Lap Record Falls to Electric in Nurburgring

VW all-electric race car tames Nurburgring
VW All-Electric Race Car Tames Nurburgring If you don’t think electric powertrains can be used to create seriously quick cars, you are either wilfully ignorant, or haven’t been paying enough attention. In Nurburgring, the lap record falls to an electric Volkswagen, which has once again proven the versatility of a fully-electric drivetrain, recording the second-quickest time in Nurburgring Nordschleife history. French racing driver...
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New Volvo S60 

New Volvo S60 pricing and specs
Sedan and wagon, value pricing and performance.... Volvo says that its new sedan and wagon duo will deliver a knockout punch in the premium mid-size market. We know what you’re thinking - of course they’d say that. But we did drive it last month in Sweden and first impressions are that this is no Scandinavian to give the flick. What’s better is that the expected volume seller we drove is more affordable than first thought. Both the S60 sedan and V60 completes a generational up...
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Driving Fines Cop Hefty Increases

big fines increases in South Australia
      Budgeted $79 million increase per annum for state coffers in South Australia Before we introduce zombifying speed limiters in a few years’ time, the South Australian state government is making a dash to cash in on reckless speeding drivers. In response to a $500m write-down to its budget, the State Government has increased driving infringement fines for “Brainless idiot” drivers, adding a much needed $79m lifeline to the state budget. “It’s...
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