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Some of the best beach drives in Australia

Beaches your 4WD will love
Does Your 4WD love the beach? Here are some of the best There are plenty of sandy experiences in our great country, these will get your wanderlust in to gear. SLAP on the singlets, sunscreen and thongs, folks, as summer is just around the corner. And if you’re one of the many people who prefer to chase sun and surf during the warmer months – via a decent sand track, of course – then you’re no doubt aware Australia has some very special coastal destinations. From the island del...
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Road Trips for Driving Enjoyment

drive for pleasure
Cabin fever is prominent.....go for a great drive..... We get it. You’ve played so much Gran Turismo that wisps of smoke are starting to bloom from the back of the PlayStation. All of your model cars have been built, and destroyed, then built again. And you’ve spent so much time working your way through the ‘greatest car movies of all time’ list that you now know Bullitt is a truly terrible film (car chase aside, of course). The metaphorical walls are closing, though mercifully...
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2020 Toyota HiLux SR5 – Review

Toyota HiLux SR5 review
Has Toyota done enough? What is the Toyota HiLux SR5? The Toyota HiLux is, by some odd twists of fate, one of Australia’s best-selling vehicles, despite the fact that it’s far from the perfect family vehicle. Built tough to endure mine sites and construction jobs, the HiLux’s most popular variant is the 4x4 dual-cab ute. Formerly residing firmly at the top of the heap, the four-door, five-seat HiLux is now kept honest by the likes of the Ford Ranger, with upstarts like the Mit...
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Killer Takata Airbags Not Replaced

air bag recall
Plenty of work remains to rid Australians of this menace! Time is running out for car manufacturers to replace potentially lethal Takata airbags in more than 155,000 outstanding Australian cars. While they’ve made significant progress in the past few months, there are only six months left on the clock for Australian dealerships to finish up. The December 2020 deadline looms large, especially as Victorian car dealerships have been ordered to close due to coronavirus. 155,0...
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Get Your Car Ready for Baby

Get your car ready for baby
These suggestions should help you to prepare your car. There’s no shortage of things to consider when you start a new family. You’ve got to stock up on clothes and nappies, decorate the nursery, childproof the house, find a paediatrician, check out child care centres and join a parents’ group. Phew! But what about the car? Here’s a simple guide to getting your car ready for when your tiny bundle of joy arrives. Car seat selection One of the most important decisions you can make...
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The Very Popular Pub in the Paddock – Tasmania

Pub in the paddock
Definitely worthy of a visit when in Tassy. NESTLED in the quiet rural village of Pyengana, around two hours’ drive from Launceston or just one hour from St Helens, the Pub in the Paddock is a great place to wash away the dust (or mud) after a day’s four-wheel driving in some of Tassie’s most spectacular country. The Pub in the Paddock has been licenced since 1880, and today it’s managed by the friendly and entertaining Rowena and Scott Codyre. On the day we showed up at the fron...
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Your New Car Should Be This Safe

What safety equipment should I expect in my new car in 2018?
Here is what you should have in your next new car The days are long gone when airbags and three-point seat belts were considered high-end safety kit for cars. The technology used to keep motorists safe has evolved rapidly over the past 20 years, which is fantastic news for car buyers, but what features should be non-negotiable and what features are merely icing on the safety cake? In Australia some tech is legislated to be mandatory for passenger cars – such as electronic stabili...
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Euro Medium Sedan Comparison

Euro comparisons
  Euro Medium Sedan Comparison Contenders: Germany  (x 2), and one each from Britain and Italy.......enticing! The game of one-upmanship in the medium executive class has moved at such breathtaking pace that perhaps it’s time to reset the datum and look over the best of 2017’s crop with a fresh set of eyes. The Alfa Romeo Giulia was the catalyst for this comparison. We adored the 375kW Quadrifoglio rocketship, but wondered whether shearing more than 200kW from that figu...
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Extend the Life of your Tyres

Tyres and safety
Tyres must be regularly checked. Ignorance of this basic task costs you money - and could easily put you in harms way. Maintenance of your tyres will not only keep you safer but will save you money by helping to save fuel and prolonging the time before you have to shell out for new ones. Here are a few tips for extending the life of tyres: Check tyre condition Like the airline pilot who kicks his aircraft’s tyres, walk around the car ...
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Tips For Teaching a Learner Driver

learner driver
About to introduce someone to the world of driving? These 8 tips should help before you even get out of the driveway They’ve done it! You’ve driven them home from the leaner’s permit test, they’ve passed, and that receipt stapled to a printout now clutched in their sweaty palm is pretty much a reserved ticket to a future of freedom behind the wheel of a car. But the next step is a big one: taking them out onto the road for the first time. Here are our top eight tips to ...
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Stop Thiefs Picking Your Car

Car theft in action
Simple Thief Stopping Do's & Dont's More than 55,000 cars were stolen between September 2015 and 2016, of which 44,701 were passenger cars, and Victoria rated as the most susceptible state for car thefts. With $500 million worth of cars stolen in this country, Australians are warned to take extra precautions to keep their vehicles (and themselves) safe against car theft. We take a look at ways you can outsmart the thieves and avoid filling out those pesky insurance claims....
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Unleaded or Premium Petrol?

Unleaded petrol?
Normal Unleaded fuel may cost less but it might not be best for your engine or wallet   With so many different grades of petrol to choose from and virtually no information explaining why 98 RON fuel costs about 20 cents per litre more than 91 RON, why would anyone top up with the most expensive option? The RON or Research Octane Number indicates the octane rating of the petrol and the fuel’s ability to withstand a combustion anomaly known as detonation. The mechanics of what is happen...
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Car washing tips
JUST TWICE A MONTH WASHING KEEPS YOUR CAR LOOKING GREAT ... WASHING YOUR CAR shouldn’t be a chore. It’s about preserving your investment. More than just being about a bucket a sponge there are a whole heap of myths around car washing that need busting, like the one about using dishwashing liquid to wash your car… but the tips first. It’s good practice to avoid washing your car in full sun if possible. Growing up in Bathurst, where the summers were/are scorching hot, I would leave my ca...
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Car Finance

Car Finance – Be Careful – Simple Mathematics You have selected your new or used car, and are very happy! That is terrific, but  now let’s look at the finance. Golden Rules When you are working on your budget or comparing different loans, always, always, ask for the monthly payment to include all fees (establishment/brokerage/monthly etc.) and government charges. Interest rate is only one factor that effects your loan. I have experienced establishment and/or brokerage fees of close to $...
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Car Buying Service

Happy car buyers
Car Broker ... Car Buying Service ... Car Buyer's Agent ... Car Buyer's Advocate. We are all of these and more! The most common question we are asked is something like "what do you do?", or "what is the process?", or "how does it work?" A short answer is that we look after every aspect of your car buying exercise, beginning to end. We start by assisting you with vehicle type and model selection (if that would be helpful), new or used, and we do not stop assisting. Money, time, and h...
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