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Ferrari Daytona Rescued

 Ferrari Daytona found in shed
Unique Ferrari Found in a Shed - Wow! A collector's dream. A classic car find of the decade. Imagine how it would feel to not only unearth an example of Ferrari’s late-1960s 365 GTB/4 Daytona, a car that is already highly desirable in any of its incarnations, but a version that is thought to be completely unique. While a number of alloy-bodied Daytonas were built to go racing at Le Mans – which are themselves extremely rare and thought to exist in single figures to...
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Tips For Teaching a Learner Driver

learner driver
About to introduce someone to the world of driving? These 8 tips should help before you even get out of the driveway They’ve done it! You’ve driven them home from the leaner’s permit test, they’ve passed, and that receipt stapled to a printout now clutched in their sweaty palm is pretty much a reserved ticket to a future of freedom behind the wheel of a car. But the next step is a big one: taking them out onto the road for the first time. Here are our top eight tips to ...
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Ignoring Recall Causes Death

ignoring recalls can cause death
Five recall communications with no response - tragic error. Honda Australia has revealed it had made multiple attempts to contact the car’s owner, who died after a piece of metal became lodged in his neck after the CR-V’s airbags, the subject of a global recall, fired in a crash in Sydney last week. Speaking to the media yesterday, Honda Australia director Stephen Collins said five notifications were sent over a 16-month period leading up to the crash, but were unheeded by the owner....
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ANCAP Safety Rating – Old v New Cars

ANCAP safety test
Old cars four times as deadly as new - ANCAP https://youtu.be/azrpgvbOMq4 THE Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has conducted a comparison test between two Toyota Corollas – one new, the other 19 years old – to demonstrate the difference in safety technologies between now and then. The two vehicles were subjected to a frontal offset crash test carried out at 64km/h, with ANCAP chief executive officer James Goodwin stating the test “physically illustrates the benefits of newe...
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Oils ain’t Oils

What do engine oil codes mean? Choosing engine oil options at a motor products shop, or knowing what your workshop is putting in your car, is a challenge.  The motor oil in your car has a critical role to perform and just seconds without the lifeblood of the engine will spell disaster, so checking the level and condition should be at the top of your regular check list as well as making sure you are using the correct grade. A DIY oil and filter change or a simple top up is a good...
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State speed limits increased – US state that is….

State speed limits increased in Michigan
MICHIGAN will increase speed limits on over 2000km of roads next month because drivers already travel faster than the current limits. The Detroit Free Press reported overnight that almost 1000km of the state’s rural roads would bump the speed limit from 70 mph to 75 mph – the Aussie equivalent of ditching 110km/h in favour of 120km/h – while a further 1400km would have its speed limits raised from the equivalent of 90km/h to 105km/h. THE FIRST OF THE SPEED SIGN CHANGES WILL START TO ...
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Stop Thiefs Picking Your Car

Car theft in action
Simple Thief Stopping Do's & Dont's More than 55,000 cars were stolen between September 2015 and 2016, of which 44,701 were passenger cars, and Victoria rated as the most susceptible state for car thefts. With $500 million worth of cars stolen in this country, Australians are warned to take extra precautions to keep their vehicles (and themselves) safe against car theft. We take a look at ways you can outsmart the thieves and avoid filling out those pesky insurance claims....
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Unleaded or Premium Petrol?

Unleaded petrol?
Normal Unleaded fuel may cost less but it might not be best for your engine or wallet   With so many different grades of petrol to choose from and virtually no information explaining why 98 RON fuel costs about 20 cents per litre more than 91 RON, why would anyone top up with the most expensive option? The RON or Research Octane Number indicates the octane rating of the petrol and the fuel’s ability to withstand a combustion anomaly known as detonation. The mechanics of what is happen...
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SUV’s Outsold Passenger Vehicles in February

SUVs in Australia are the top selling passenger type for the first time. The sales numbers for February 2017 reveal a dramatic 12.2 percent drop in sales of sedans, hatches and wagons, contributing to an overall 7.7 percent slide in a new-car market that’s bounced from record to record in recent years. Even sales of SUVs dropped when compared with the record February 2016 result, but there was enough interest in the growing range to keep sales ahead of the more traditional passenger ...
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Do You Know the Road Rules?

These rules could bite you! There’s a handful of road rules that are unlikely to be enforced, but could catch you out if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time States and Territories in Australia all have their own specific set of road rules and varying subsequent consequences, but they’re all covered by the Road Traffic Act (1961). We delve into the legislation’s small print and find there’s more than a few doozies that could catch you unawares 1. Tooting your ho...
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Is Diesel a Good Idea?

Is diesel a good idea?
Cars with diesel motors are selling less in Australia! However, the Dieselgate emissions scandal and the advent of clean and fuel efficient electric vehicles, hybrids and small turbocharged petrol engines have seen the tide turn against oil burners, which some major cities around the world announcing they’ll be banned within a decade. So is it still worth buying a diesel car in Australia? The short answer is yes, if appropriate. Diesel has its pros and cons, but it’s too soon fo...
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AdBlue Additive

Adblue additive
 Adblue additive for diesel engines is being used in more cars and trucks today?   WHAT IS ADBLUE? AdBlue is the marketing term for a fluid used in the catalytic convertor fitted to the exhaust systems of some diesel cars. It is injected into the exhaust gases and burnt at very high temperatures to break down harmful nitrogen oxides.  Some diesel engines need AdBlue to help them meet tough Euro 6 emissions standards that regulate what level of harmful emissions can come out o...
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Roads That Kill

roads that kill
Wow! Not your suburban cul-de-sac! Millions of people world-wide die from road accidents every year. In fact, according to the United Nation’s 2015 Road Traffic Injuries report, 1.25m people die on average each year. And millions more suffer road accident-related injuries. Here in Australia, we’re not unfamiliar with roads that kill. In the 12 months to April this year, there has been a 9.8 percent increase in road deaths, with 1,271 fatalities recorded. A 2000-2009 survey conducte...
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87 Year Old Bentley Discovered

1929 Bentley uncovered
From Barn to Auction - Could Fetch Half a Million Oz Dollars   The family were shocked that the vintage Bentley gathering dust in their barn for 30 years could be worth 300,000 pounds. The Bentley 4.5-litre was built in 1929 and, six years later, bought by the grandfather of the current owner. The Bentley was in a sorry state when it was found in garage He would take the luxury saloon on family holidays around ...
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London Cabs for Australia & New Zealand

London Cabs
Deal to bring 1000 Brit-built London cabs Down Under AUSTRALIAN cities will soon start looking a lot more like London as swarms of the British capital’s iconic black cabs arrive under a £44 million ($A82.2m) deal to import at least 1000 modern-day Hackney Carriages during the first five years of a decade-long agreement. The exclusive distribution contract between the British-based, Chinese-owned London Taxi Company (LTC) and London Taxi (Aust) Limited in Melbourne will kick off with an initi...
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Google self drive car
Google's self-driving cars have been in accidents before, but always on the receiving end... at least, until now. The company has filed a California DMV accident report confirming that one of its autonomous vehicles (a Lexus RX450h) collided with a bus in Mountain View. The crash happened when the robotic SUV had to go into the center lane to make a right turn around some sand bags -- both the vehicle and its test driver incorrectly assumed that a bus approaching from behind would slow o...
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Lexus Wins Customer Satisfaction Award Again

Two in a Row for the Japanese Luxury Brand LEXUS has again claimed the Car Manufacturer of the Year title in the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards 2015, winning for the third time since the program was established five years ago. This is the Japanese luxury brand’s second successive win in the Roy Morgan awards, reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry for customer service. It also took out the automotive category in the inaugural 2011 awards, while Mercedes-Benz was d...
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When a potential buyer is confronted with a last year plate sale it is natural that a little excitement is felt. Buyer Beware When a potential buyer is confronted with last year plate sales it is natural that a little excitement is felt. A possible bargain always grabs the attention, particularly for a big ticket item such as a car. Dealers use this excitement to tempt private buyers into purchasing a vehicle that costs them money in the long term. What we are pursuing for you is a good ...
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Volkswagen Emission Information

vw logo
Volkswagen Emission Information As you may be aware, there have been press reports about the emissions of a selection of Volkswagen vehicles. Volkswagen Australia deeply regrets these issues and wants to ensure that our owners are well-informed about our action plan and next steps regarding this topic. On this website you will find information, updates and answers to some of your key questions. We will post new information as it becomes available to us. Rest assured that we are working ti...
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New Mazda Rotary-Powered Sports Car

New Mazda Rotary-Powered Concept MAZDA has all but confirmed its intention to reintroduce rotary powertrain technology to its range via a front-engined rear-drive sports car previewed by its striking RX-Vision Tokyo show car.  While Mazda stopped short of officially announcing that the concept has been given the green light, it is understood that a production version of the rotary powered performance hero will go on sale in about 2020, in time for the 50th anniversary of the mass-produ...
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Fix for VW Diesel Scandal Approved

VW Diesel cheat fix approved in Europe   VOLKSWAGEN Passenger Cars chief executive Herbert Diess has confirmed that European legislative authorities have approved a fix for vehicles caught up in the diesel emissions-rigging scandal. However, the German automotive giant is still waiting on approval from American regulators. Speaking on the Volkswagen stand at the Tokyo motor show, where VW presented the Tiguan GTE plug-in hybrid for the first time outside Europe, Dr Diess said he...
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How Accurate is that Fuel Economy Sticker?

 How Accurate is that Fuel Economy Sticker on your New Car?   All new passenger cars, four wheel drives and light commercial vehicles, up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass, are required to display this fuel consumption sticker. The label indicates the vehicle’s fuel consumption in litres of fuel per 100 kilometres (L/100km) and its emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) in grams per kilometre (g/km).  The results are based on a standard test procedure so consumers can reliably compare ...
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Volkswagen Suspend Sales

vw logo
            Volkswagen Australia and Audi Australia suspend sales 1.6 and 2.0 litre Turbo-diesel EA189 engine models implicated in the scandal that has erupted world wide will not be sold in Australia until further notice. Factory statements are quoted below. “Volkswagen Group Australia (VGA) met with the relevant government authorities yesterday to advise them of its strategy in Australia to address concerns that have been raised around the world regarding th...
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A CASE OF OVER ENGINEERING? This machine is a very effective corkscrew and wine pourer, and obviously gave someone a lot of fun during design and construction. There have been numerous examples of car manufacturers falling for a version of this machine. Here are a couple of examples: Alfa Romeo Montreal The Alfa Romeo Montreal is a gorgeous Bertone design, but there are two problems with it as a car. First is build quality. Basically, you have to take it apart and put it back togethe...
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Heatstroke – Babies in Hot Cars

Don't forget ... What can be a simple error of judgement, exacerbated by losing track of time, can easily injure or kill a baby or child. Cars left outdoors when it is 30 degrees can reach temperatures of 50 degrees in a little over an hour. 2/3 of the increase is in the first 20 minutes. A child’s thermoregulatory system is not as efficient as an adult. Their body warms at a rate 3 to 5 times faster. They can lose fluid quickly, become dehydrated and suffer from heatstroke which can b...
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A Car Spot for $120,000?

... and not the Highest Price in Sydney The scramble for space in Sydney reached a new level when 60 people gathered in Kirribilli, a suburb in the shadow of the Northern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to battle for a 12-square-metre plot of cement. The auction of a nondescript car spot had some neighbours scratching their heads when it sold for $120,000 under the hammer. Others were rubbing their hands together at the prospect they might be sitting on parking gold. The parking spot h...
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Car Yard Co-op at Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport set to expand retail footprint to include dedicated car retail zone CAR retailing in Queensland is set for a major overhaul as Brisbane Airport looks to attract car dealers to a new precinct that includes a test track within a purpose-built 50-hectare facility. The Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) – part of the airport’s property management arm (BNE Property) portfolio for non-aviation development – plans to bring together dealers from across the Brisbane area to create ...
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